Tasty Tuesday : Popcorn Balls Halloween Style

Good Morning Foodies! We want to indulge in your yum today and check out the popcorn balls made by this lovely---click the pic to go directly to the post.

Since many of us celebrate the Halloween Spirit, let's get those delicious recipes going for the upcoming Tasty Tuesday's! We'd love for you to share your ideas, decor, etc.

As you already know, Tasty Tuesday is for linking anything FOOD RELATED:YUMMERZ! Enjoy and have a great day!



The popcorn balls look great! I am seeing so many interesting Halloween food items and it fascinates me as a Jamaican. I am happy to participate in Tasty Tuesday again and have the Button on my Blog. Take care and have a good Tuesday.
AubrieAnne said…
Those look too cute to eat!
Mimi said…
These popcorn balls look amazing and so cute! I can't wait to have children so I can have more of an excuse to make cute baked goods...although I seem to not need much of an excuse anyway!!
Alida said…
lots of yummy looking treats here today!!
Jodi said…
Ok that looks yum :D

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