Weekend Wander

Good Day beautiful friends!!!! The weekend is here, time to kick up your tired feet, get comfy and do some wandering. It's always a nice day here at FTLOB with all the beautiful bloggers we have. Please stay a while and not only check them out, but also some of the great things we have going on here. Maybe join a group or add yourself to meet other bloggers. Whatever you do, have a Wonderful Weekend and get C-O-Z-Y!




Mrs. Sherman said…
Thanks for hosting! I can't wait to wander through some new blogs! Stop by and link up to my weekend blog hop as well!
Hayley said…
Awesome! Can't wait for others to join in!
I love the weekend wander! I find so many great blogs! Thanks for this!
Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
Jamie Pilgrim said…
Weekends are the best! Can't wait to hit up the beach!

I always love meeting the bloggers who congregate here!

I am coming up on 2 years of blogging and am celebrating with CHOCOLATE - please stop by to say hello and join the fun!

Happy weekend, everyone! Thank you for hosting this fun party!
Jaimie said…
Happy weekend everyone! come link up for my "I love autumn" blog hop! http://legosinmypocket.blogspot.com/2011/09/its-here.html
Lozzz123 said…
Happy weekend everyone! Hope you all have lots of fun plans ahead :)
Looking forward to checking out people's blogs - yay!
Rita ♥ said…
Hurray it´s the weekend! hope you have a wondeful one... :)
Jess said…
Happy weekend to everyone. We'll be spending it watching loads and loads of football. That's what Fall's all about right? :)

Emma said…
Happy weekend everyone! I've got work tomorrow, boo, but on Sunday I'm planning on going to do a bit of shopping. Hope everyone has a fun weekend.

Laura said…
Yay it's the weekend! Looking forward to checking out a few new blogs and hopefully you guys will check out mine! It's also the last few days of my bracelet giveaway so check it out! xoxo

MarieHarmony said…
It's the week-end already! Great news!!
Looking forward discovery another bunch of great bloggers - Thanks for hosting and wishing you all a wonderful one!
Madalyn said…
Yay for the weekend! Thanks for hosting!!

Irene said…
Hello lovelies! It's almost the weekend! Hope everyone had a great week! :-)

{I.R.E.N.E} -- Inspiration From The Little Things
Olivia Grace said…
Have a great weekend everyone!!
CityGirlChic said…
I'm excited about this weekend wander, I cant wait to visit all the lovely bloggers and their posts out there in blog-land! Happy blogging and have a happy weekend!
Holly said…
I can't wait to meet new friends! Have a great weekend everyone!
Chelsea said…
Happy Friday everyone! Wishing a wonderful weekend!
Erin O'Riordan said…
Thanks for being a great host. Happy weekend, everybody!

Erin at Pagan Spirits book http://erinoriordan.blogspot.com
So, so glad that it's finally Friday. Happy weekend everyone!
Nali said…
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

xoxo, Nali
Joyful Sparrow said…
Relax and be good to yourself this weekend, bloggers!
Hugs & High Fives,

TriGirl said…
Love the weekend wander and that picture is so cool!
Thank you I linked up :-) Hugs and wishes for a joy filled weekend.
Have a wonderful wandering week-end! Looking forward to meeting some new friends!
Yay for the weekend! Hope you all have a lovely one!
Jodi said…
Happy Weekend! I cant wait to wander this evening! :D
Yippee! Can't wait to see the ways all of you are seeing beautiful!
Have a lovely weekend Darlings! xoxo
Seeing Each Day said…
Thank you for the time you put into hosting this and for the opportunity to view other's captures. A lovely weekend to you too.
Glo Sews said…
Thanks for hosting again! hope everyone has a great weekend!
Sassy said…
I am a BRAND NEW blogger & am so excited to have found this community! Cannot wait to wander to all your blogs!! Much love on a beautiful weekend:)

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