it's make it take it day and magical monday!!

Happy Monday beautiful friends!  We hope that you had an amazing weekend with friends and family!! It's magical monday and make it take it day and we hope you made something crafty to link up and if so, please share! If not--no worries, head towards the bottom to link your blogs to Magical Monday.

Check out this pretty watercolor fan by clicking the pic!


Now if you have nothing to share; wave those wands and start making friends with more fabulous bloggers! Be authentic, no copy and pastes, remember our tips! Have a wonderful day--here's to another great week ahead!



Rida said…
The crayon tutorial link doesn't open.
That crayon art is fantastic! It looks so bright and cheerful!
Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
Debbie @ OtRD said…
Lovely blog! This is my first time here! Just linked up and joined your party, thanks for hosting.
Emma said…
I'll be honest, I'm always a bit confused by this - there's only one link up, so is that where both link ups are, or are the Magical Monday people supposed to do something else?
Remy said…
Good morning friends! Hope you're well today despite what day it is!
Anonymous said…
Good Day friends:) Emma, I would have put two separate link ups but it looks like Linds has been combining them so just link your blog here doll:) thanks and have a nice day all! xo, Vic
Looks like lots of fun things linked up today! Thanks for hosting girlies!!!

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