It's Comment Love Day

Good Sunday Morning Beautiful Friends!  It's the perfect day to show your bloggy buddies how much you love them.  Please follow the rules, that's all we ask!
  1. Leave a Comment Here-Introduce yourself, let us know more about you and welcome people to your blog!
  2. Visit the person in front of your comment to show them some love and get to know them.
  3. Let everyone know you are from comment love day but also READ their post and leave a genuine comment about their writing, photography, etc.
  4. Visit as many blogs on the comment list below and interact getting to know more fabulous bloggers.
  5. NO Copy and Paste Comments---Don't Be Rude!!!
  6. Return the Love when you get a chance.


♥ Nadine said…
Eeek! I've been waiting all week for Sunday to come, because I'm always looking forward to what you ladies thought of for us...

I'd be happy to welcome y'all to my blog. Cheers to the new friendships!

Irene said…
Hi, I'm Irene and I blog over at { I . R . E . N . E }. I blog about my life and my own thoughts about things, which is sometimes funny and sometimes serious. And for every post, there is something to learn. I long to inspire other people through my little page in cyberspace. Hope you'll drop by and say "hi." Take care! :-)

Lorna said…
Hello all,

Kinda new here and looking forward to meeting some new people. My blog is listed in the humor category and I write about the funny side of life, love, travel, writing and my disability.

As it says in my bio I live with my boyfriend and a cat who thinks she's a dog.

Please come over and say hello. The coffee's on...
Lorna x
Patty said…
My very favorite day!!

Good Morning lovelies...I'm Patty from...

I rant, rave, giggle, laugh and, on occasion, share some fun food & drink posts. I often talk about dealing with my late mother and her Alzheimer's.

Grap a cup and come visit!
Jess said…
I'm Jess! I blog over at Look. Snap. Love. My husband and I have three {3!} wild children and are contemplating a fourth. EEK! I'm obsessed with photography and trying to simplify my life. Hope y'all say hi! :)

SnuggleSlut said…
Hey all,

I Blog over at Diary of a Snuggle Slut. Its a random chronicle of my odd life.

Anyhoo, head on over, I look forward to meeting all of you.
I'm Beth, a SAHM of 2 girls. I love taking photos, and participating in photography linkies. I'm an advocate for Down syndrome (my oldest daughter has Down syndrome). I love food and hate exercising... :)
Happy Comment Love Day, dearies!
Can't wait to find EVEN MORE wonderful blogs to stalk!

Come visit me too!
Anonymous said…
Hello, hope you have a wonderful sunday! :)
Anonymous said…
It's a great Sunday!! Hope you are all having a great day!!! Love to meet all the new folks that I have not met before! Hop on over to check out what I have (or don't have!) to say at It's Just Life at
I am a Christian wife, mother and grandmother. I am the author of Life Through the Rearview Mirror and Turning Leaves. I am also a contributing author for Heavenly Humor for the Cat Lover's Soul by Barbour Publishing,HURRAY GOD!HOPE PRAY BELIEVE,God Makes Lemonade: Stories That Sweeten and Inspire and Angel Digest.

I currently author 6 blogs.
Sammyjoe said…
Happy Comment Love Day, lovelies.

I'm Sammy and on my blog I share about the things that delight me, all the good things going on my life and how I try to be a better person.

Thank you for stopping by xoxo
Chelsea said…
Happy Sunday everyone! After a really rough week, I'm thankful this day is here. Even though mine won't be a day completely devoted to rest, I pray I rest in the Lord... and I pray the same thing for all of you!

Hope it's a great one!
-Kelsey Coghill said…
Thank you for hosting! I love comment love day!
Hope everyone has a wonderful, restful Sunday!
Lozzz123 said…
Hey everyone, happy Sunday and comment love day! Hope you've had a fun weekend :)
Janelle said…
Hello lovely bloggers! I hope you're all having a relaxing Sunday morning. I'm Janelle and I blog over at I blog about food, crafts, my dog and anything else that makes me happy. I'd love it if you'd visit.

Can't wait to meet you!
Gertrude said…
Happy Sunday everyone! I'm Gertrude and I blog at Bows and Pearls. Hope everyone is having a great day :) x
Karen Greenberg said…
Happy Comment Love Day! It's been awhile since I've joined, but it's nice to be back. Thanks in advance for dropping by my blog. I can't wait to read some of your posts!
Sonya said…
Good morning, all! At least where I am.
I'm feeling quite sickly this morning, and in a few hours I'm going out to stock up on juice and lozenges before quarantining myself to the living room couch for some football today.
Hope everyone is feeling a little better than I am! :)
Anonymous said…
Was looking forward Sunday an the chance to meet new great bloggers!
Happy Day to all!!

I'm Marie and I am blogging at different places but let's meet at The Colour of Our Skin! I blog there about my thoughts, ideas, dreams and many other things. Will be happy to read you.
Take care.
Kat said…
Good Morning Everyone!

I'm Kat and I blog over at Pretty in Pink and Green. It's mainly a family blog with a few recipes here and there!
Come visit me at
MK said…
Hi everyone! I'm Molly from Blonde Out Loud. Right now I'm taking part in a 15 day prompt challenge, having a lot of fun thinking about some great topics and reading everyone else's responses.
Come say hi at!
Happy Sunday!!!
Hello I'm Lala! said…
Good morning to all!!
I'm Lala and I blog at Ooh Lala...(
I blog about turning 30, my toddler, being pregnant with my 2nd baby boy, my hubby, etc. It's my escape from everyday life ;-)
Sarah E. said…
I'm Sarah, 23, mom of two and army wife to my hs sweetheart.

I have an awesome recipe round up going on my food blog - here

And I am going over my deployment goals on my personal blog - here
Halina said…
Hello there fellow FTLOBers!

I'm Halina from Moments of a Libra and I'm an active blogger, self-learning artist (if you can call it that) and a business student living in a long distance relationship.

Blogging is my way of tracking my creative progress, articulating my experiences and sharing what I do with people from all around the globe!
April said…
Hi! I'm April from Frugally Green Mom. I blog about my family and our adventures, and have giveaways for green products. I have lots of vegetarian recipes, and I'm currently giving away a custom blog design!
I also have commentluv enabled!
Greetings from Jamaica! This is a wonderful idea! My name is Judy. I was born one of identical twins but I lost my identical twin sister Janine in 2008. I have been a Freelance writer for many years and I started my Blog 'JUDY H-J'S THOUGHTS' on March of this year. It deals with a wide range of subjects concerning my twin and me. I also include a lot of pictures. I am happy that I able to look back at happy times. My twin and I had many interests. Please visit my Blog. Thanks.
Missy said…
Hey Blog world :-)

Missy here from

- I love Comment Love day and checking out some new blogs.

I blog about life, thoughts and things which make me smile.

Lately I have been finding writing difficult but it appears that is starting tochange again :-)

Happy Sunday!
Robyn said…
having an amazing sunday finding my 'norm' in nairobi. Happy sunday.
Danielle said…
I have my coffee in hand and I am ready to visit some new blogs.
Robyn Rasmussen said…
This is a great idea! I am a newer blogger who is always excited to meet other new bloggers!

I blog about recipes, parenting, crafts, fashion, sewing, cooking. . .
Janessa said…
HI! I'm Janessa, a twenty something year lady with a kitty that is as crazy as his name and has a fiance that has a huge heart. I'm currently in school and will be for another 2 years for my masters.

I also look forward to FTLOB and all the hops to meet wonderful new people.

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope to get to know some new people today :)
x's and o's
Krystal said…
Hello all! =) I love these blog hops that this site hosts! I loved them so much I became a sponsor... I felt like I should give back! LOL

Anyway, I'm Krystal and I love to blog! I am a big beach goer, reader, writer, and lover of all things beer. I like to try new things and we just recently came back from a trip to Boston! I'm moving to the SW Florida area so my posts in the near future will be about the transition.

Hope you come join me!
Anonymous said…
Hi everyone, it's nice to meet you! I'm Heather, and I blog over at Relevant Notes.

Thanks for hosting this hop!
Love Comment Love Sunday! I introduce myself every Comment Love Sunday by trying to say something different. Today - I look terrible in fuschia.
Chandra said…
Hello all! I'm Chandra over at A Stylish Little Lady. You can find me here:

Love new faces, so come on over!
Nali said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nali said…
Hi everyone! I blog about girly things and pretty things over at It's the {little} things.... Hope to see you there :)

xoxo, Nali
Jamie Pilgrim said…
Hiiiiii! I'm Jamie, the gal behind the blog about my current life down under in Sydney. I'm an aspiring advertising major "living it up" in a big city but originally from the rural livin' of Wisconsin.

It's all cool. Trust me ;)
Hi! I'm Clare from ClareCooks! It's a food blog. I share delicious recipes that focus on using local, fresh ingredients and gluten free meals that anyone will enjoy!
Alyssa said…
Best day ever! I took the GRE yesterday, so I'm looking to have some time of enjoyment looking through some new blogs. I hope that everyone has a great Sunday!
Valeria said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Courtney said…
I was looking forward to this hop all week! I'm fairly new to blogging, but let's give it a try.

I'm a 20-something mom and wife. I blog about my crazy life as an entrepreneur, wife, mother, cloth diaper advocate, hippy, university student and working stiff.

Looking forward to making some new bloggy friends :)
melody-mae said…
Hi there! I love life. I am a wife, mom and a granny who loves books, all things vintage, coffee and fashion! I hope you have a lovely Sunday! Stop by and say Hi, I will for sure return the favor!
MoveEatLearn said…
I love Comment Love hops!

I blog at Move Eat Learn, which is basically me trying to get my life and health back on track. Feel free to stop by!
Sarah said…
Hi! My name is Sarah and I am still a generally new blogger. I go to college for Theatre and love baking more than anything else. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!
Katty said…
Hi Pretties!

I love comment love day! Please stop by
Stephanie. said…
Hello everyone! My name is Stephanie! I'm a personal style blogger and I'm really excited to meet many other bloggers! I'm a student so I don't get to go around and comment of blogs often because of school and work but it's comment love day! I'm commenting on as many blogs as I can!

Happy Comment Love Day! Please visit my blog if you have the time! ♥

-Steph from Chocolate Laced
Liberty said…
This is my first time to participate in comment love day... so exciting!

I'm Liberty from Liberty Original and I mostly blog about crafty stuff and my kiddos. I have taken a little break from blogging after my grandmother died but am ready to hit it full speed ahead again!

I look forward to finding some fabulous new blogs this week.

TriGirl said…
Comment Love always makes my Sunday better! I'm looking forward to checking out new blogs, like melody-mae's! I blog about my attempts to complete athletic feats, using drawings to really give you the full experience :) I'm at
TriGirl said…
Oh wait, a bunch of other people have commented! Gotta check them out (and melody-mae :D )
d'Artagnan said…
I love Comment Love Day!! I'm d'Artagnan from Living in Iowa. I blog about Iowa, my daily life attempting to live well in my home state, and local culture, art, music, food, etc. I look forward to meeting you all!
Bobbi said…
I am so glad everyone loves Comment Love day so much! We love you all! I hope everyone has a beautiful day and a great week. Check out as many blogs as you wish, be sure to leave some beautiful comments! Love you all! ♥ BJ
Kitten and Nana said…
I haven't participtated in comment love day in such a long time! I am blogging about our adventures and misadventures in starting our business and being a WHAM! I know, not too interesting for most, but it surely is for me. Haha. Cheers!
Nicole said…
Good morning, everyone! It sure has began to feel like Fall in Oregon over these past few days. I even sprinkled some pumpkin pie spices over my coffee this morning to help me get into the Fall spirit!

I've been traveling for the past two-ish weeks, so this is my first week back to full-time blogging. But I do have LOTS of pictures to share from my trips!

Happy Sunday!
Hello fellow bloggers!

My name is Kristen & I blog about life, love, crafts, books, family, & everything in between. You can check out my blog here

:) Happy Sunday!
Alyssa said…
Hi everyone!

I'm Alyssa, a relatively new blogger blogging about what goes on in my new life in the south..

Come say hi! I love meeting new bloggy friends...

Ten Feet Off Beale
Candice said…

I'm Candice, and I blog over at Teatime Thoughts! I'm a lifestyle/inspiration blog, and love the beautiful, elegant and fun things in life! I've been blogging for a year, and absolutely love discovering awesome new blogs and making new friends in the blog world! If you have a few moments, please, grab a mug of tea and come say hello! :)

I'd love to meet you!
Erinn said…
Howdy everyone and happy sunday!
I blog at As it were or even if it weren't. It's a general blog pretty much about me, the life of a military wife and other fun things of that nature. I hope you'll get a chance to stop by today or sometime in the near future :)
Jeri Lynne said…
Good Morning Lovies! Sunday already? It's a rainy day here, looking forward to putting it to good blog use!

Come by and say hi! I can't wait to spend some time browsing through everyone's space :-)
CaLea said…
Hi. Most people call me crazy, but you can call me CaLea. (Pronounced [kuh-lee]. Yes, it's an original. My parents are creative people) Anyways, I'm the cause of all the insanity over at that one blog called {im}perfect.

The only kind of serious I am is seriously obnoxious. I find stupid things insanely humorous and serious things unnaturally boring. I often make a whole bunch of nonsense, which I suppose means I I adore blogging, (I'm dealing with a serious obsession here) and I promise I'll make you laugh; sometimes with me, but most of the time you'll just be laughing at me.

Over at {im}perfect, we love visitors. So stop on by, I don't bite. (Well, except for sometimes.)
Close to home said…
Hi I am the blogger behind Close to HOme and this is my first time on Sunday Love but have been a follower for a while.> I am a SAHM wiht three kids and this is my first year with all kids at school so who knows what trouble I have been up to. Come visit my blog for recipes, entertaining ideas, reviews and more. I will follow back:)
Kate Weber said…
Man oh man! It's been so long since I've joined in on anything on this blog. Having a full time job is sucking up all of my blogging time! Happy comment love day everyone!

Simply Kate
Ashlee said…
Hi! I'm Ashlee @ Capernaum Home. I blog about fashion, diy projects, recipes, homemaking, etc. Would love for you to stop by and follow. I always return the favor! :)
Amanda said…
Happy Sunday! I blog over at Every Girl Like Me, which is a blog about my crazy life that includes a soon to be 2 year old, 2 older stepsons and a husband while I try to balance our lives to include working. I blog about the happenings in our everyday life and share some recipes too. My boys think I am the best cook ever! Even better than their grandma, ssshhh don't tell!

I would love to have you join me!
Shar said…
Thank you for making this blogging world to incredible! I would love to meet all of you. Come on over to my blog and read about the journey that I have begun and if you follow me, I promise you, it's going to get interesting!
Elle said…
Hi, everyone! I'm Elle and I blog over at "A for Effort, B for Blog." I'm getting back to my blog after an absence due to being very busy with school. I recently started social work school, and look forward to using the blog as an outlet to share my experiences, thoughts, and feelings as I embark on my journey to save the world! ;-)

I also blog about my family, including my wonderful husband who's a musician in a local band and my two cute dogs. I look forward to meeting many of you today. On my way to check out some new blogs! Have a GREAT Sunday, everyone!
AmandaDF said…
Happy comment love day everyone! I blog at Appreciating the Fireflies-which is just a mash-up of things that make me happy :-)

Come say hi!
Shar said…
Sorry, I forgot to mention......if you have time, go back to the beginning and read all of my posts. There are only 9 and I'm not very long winded! You will hear the whole story. Thanks for listening!
kimberly rae said…
helllo! happy sunday! happy comment love day!

im kim from and my blog is just about life and sometimes where im traveling too! i love traveling! and planning the next trip!

i also live in NYC, and DONT like it! [yes, im one of the only people ever to feel this way!]

visit me! @!
Gabby said…
Hello! I'm Gabby and I run Vintage Vagrant, a blog about personal style to veganism to music and art! I'd love to meet all of you lovely bloggers.

Pop by my blog and say hello!
Adriane said…
Hi I'm Adriane and my blog is a mixture of a lot of things, including my life as a mother, student and wife to a recently deployed pilot for the US Army. Our family does a lot of traveling and I have a love for photography and improving my skills every day. Please stop by if you have a chance and check my blog out... I'd love to return the favor and visit yours as well! :)
Hannah said…
Hello there, beautiful friends! I'm Hannah and I love writing, baking, art design, flowers, coffee, and chocolate. I blog about each of these things, as well as my family and my silly little life. Just click my name to visit my blog!
Kamika said…
Ohhhhh this is a fun link up! Hi everyone my name is Kami and I blog over at and would love you to stop by and say hello! Come join me in my adventures in motherhood, crafting, gardening and loveing life! xoxo
Sar said…
I'm Sar, a 25-year old graduate student who lives in central Texas. My blog is a general "life" blog, with a current link-up to a 15 Day Challenge. Life is good, so I love to share it with others!
Find my blog here!
Anonymous said…
Yay I love this day! :) <3
I'm a 26-year-old woman from Denmark and the rest you can read on my personal blog rose water and if you're a tea lover, please visit my blog Tea Time Benefits! :)
Kari said…
Woohoo! Happy Comment Love Day everyone!! And Happy Sunday too! Can't wait to read some new (to me) blogs!
Kristin Noelle said…
Hey everyone! Just watching the football games... GO JETS! :) My name is Kristin and I am a college student going for her nursing degree. I love to write as well. Check out my blog :)
Vapid Vixen said…
This is always my favorite hop. Happy Sunday everyone!
Crystal said…
Happy Comment Love day! It's been storming here all day, so it's a perfect time for blog reading!
Anonymous said…
HI EVERYONE! My name is Dey and my blog is about my life making a big major change and chasing my dreams! Follow me soon!!
Donna Schultz said…
Hi lovelies...

I'm Donna and my blog is

I love Jesus first and foremost! I am a wife, mom, Grandmother (Gigi for short), speaker, and writer of my first e-book "Lessons From Ruth: Discovering Your Destiny". Check it out when you visit me on my blog!
Alisha said…
Always love these posts!

Howdy guys!
My name is Alisha, and I chronicle my life over at Alisha and Brandon (

I blog about life, personal style and photography! Nice to meet you all! xoxo
Vanessa said…
Hey sweeties!

I am Vanessa & you can find me blogging over at

It's a big ole mish mash of random thoughts, hair/makeup/nails, clothes, tattoo's and other assorted bits of my life :)

I hope you come to visit!

Have a super day,
chemgirl said…
happy Sunday everyone! I'm Jaime and I look forward to some new bloggy peeps to read!
sarah said…
Happy sunday.
Amber said…
I'm Amber.
I live in Alaska.
I'm pregnant with #3.
Army wife.
Deployed hubby.
Tattoos and piercings.
I blog about everything.
From pictures to recipes to vents about people to giveaways--like my CURRENT one!!
A whole week of giveaways to celebrate my birthday! YAY!
And some amazing discount codes.
Jann said…
Happy Sunday!

I am Jann Cobb and write a blog called Reflect. I try an see God in everyday occurrences. Come by for a visit.
Mira said…
Hello! My name is Mira! I blog about photography and learning photography. I live in Italy at the moment and I love every second of it. I'll be super happy to see you over at my blog. Welcome! :)
Ajax said…
I love comments too!!

My blog is AjaxDay, and I log all sorts of adventures, ideas, etc. that I think of throughout the day. I also write about my progress as a metalsmith and my jewelry making. I love to cook, so I talk about that too.

Would love to meet you!
I am Tina and I love photography and that´s what my blog is about: Nice photos :) You are warmly invited to have a look on it. There are also 3 challenges waiting for you!
Shasta said…
Hi folks!

A little late on the comments today, but this post has been getting me a lot of traffic, so I thought I'd share:

Thanks and happy Sunday!
I love comment love! Happy weekend, everyone! Thanks for hosting, ladies!
I forgot my address:
Dee said…
Hey, I'm Dee a bright twenty year old just loving University life and leaving with my 5 best friends! Happy Comment Love Day!
sécia said…
Comment love, comment love! La La La.

♥ sécia
Emma said…
Hey everyone, I'm Emma, I'm 22 and I'm currently working as a waitress (not too happily, admittedly!). I'd love you to come by my blog to say hi :)
gloria said…
Hello I am gloria, I blog at This Side Of Daylight. My views are usually a little different then most women my age. I love life and find the humor and the love. come on over and check me out.
Glo Sews said…
Hello everyone, I blog at Sew-a-longs. I blog about sewing in a group of other like minded ladies to sew the same type of project. Check it out, I just finished sewing in one.

Tiffany said…
Hello! I am Tiffany and I have a little blog called Mi Pancita. I am Trying to find my groove as a Stay At Home Mom. Mr. And I have two lovely little ones and live in a smallish city in northern California. Come say hello!
Leovi said…
Magnificent photo, I like the heart.

Leovi - The forest of the Rings repudiated
My name is Brittany. I am getting married in 19 days! I Live in the beautiful state of Hawai'i for now because my fiancé is stationed here because of the NAVY. I have two blogs. One is my bucket list blog, just really a blog for me to keep track of my accomplishments ( ) and I have a more interesting random blog where I like to think I am a little humorous ( .
Jackie B. said…
Hi everyone! My name is Jackie B. and I blog over at Made With Love. You can expect to find a little bit of fashion, running/fitness, music, and mt daily musings. Come on by and say hi =) -JB.
Abby said…
Howdy yall! I'm Abby! The Cupcake Photography blog is a journey through my personal & business adventures. I talk about all sorts of goodies: fashion, love, family, friendship, and everything dear to my heart. My passion is photography & I have an extreme love for writing.
Come on over :)
I miss being online and participating! I want ya'll to go check out my blog! New posts today! Basically, its my life including lots of Designer things I cannot afford, my furbaby warhol and other random things. Go! thanks.
Maggie said…
Hi everyone! I'm sort of new to blogging but am looking forward to expanding my blog - what a great idea to get to know some of you! I blog(/ramble) pretty much about everything and anything that pertains to day to day life as a student/girlfriend/student teacher/pre-k teacher.

Lovely to meet you!
I love these little parties this blog does :)

I run a blog with my sisters called the Letter 4. I love blog land and love how many awesome blogs I have been finding. Come over and be inspired by my talented sisters!

jamie @
Hi friends! I'm Brenda from Virginia. I blog about all things thrifty, vintage, chocolate, and wedding (with a couple awkward life stories here and there). Can't wait to make some new friends!
Hola everybody! My name is Claudia and I bilingual-blog from Mexico about my mamita/designer adventures and bits and pieces of this wonderful country I have grown to love so!!!!
Hi! I'm Jamie. I'm from NJ. I blog about my daily life mostly. Hope to make some new friends! Happy Sunday
Jaimie said…
Hi There! I'm Jaimie from Seattle, WA. I write over at LegosInMyPocket, as often as life allows. hoping to meet new people, Have a great day!
Sinea Pies said…
We had a lovely weekend with family. Don't get to do that as often as I'd like but this weekend we did. What a blessing!
Ramblin Mama said…
I blog about my daily life, family, my painting projects and shop, and, pretty much anything that catches my fancy at
Stop in and visit sometime.
Nina said…
I run an entertainment blog at I write about everything from celebrity gossip to book reviews! We always have fun post at this site! We are also looking for sponsorship to read about it there if you are interested.:)
Hannah said…
Hi there! My blog is Very Vanilla where I post about crafts, travel, food and other fun stuff! Armed with my camera most of the time, I love to post my own photos and content. Check it out and let me know what you think! I
I always love comment day! I find new blogs to go read and post on! Its such a great day to build friendships in our wonderful community, blogging!

Dana at the abundant life blog
Anonymous said…
Hello! I am very new to blogging, I am Brandy from Seconhand Halo, I write about the never ending adventures of being a mom of two little ones, also about my artwork, jewelry and cake business.
Id love to see some of you drop by!
Iz Originals said…
loving this new blog world i'm in! Always looking for new friends. Check me out at! Thanks!!
angela said…
So many pages of comments :O

I am Angela :D I take pictures. Mostly of nature. They're pretty awesome, you should take a loot :)

I write some regular posts too, the topics of those vary, to keep you on your toes ;P
Create With Joy said…
Stopping by to wish you all a fabulous week!

Also, I am celebrating CHOCOLATE & my upcoming 2nd blogaversary at Create With Joy - if you love chocolate, stop by for a nice treat!

Hey guys! I'm Michelle. My travel blog is full of stories about my adventures abroad to Australia, Asia and everything from making friends, meeting cute foreigners, to learning new languages. Check it out! :)

Anonymous said…
Hi Everyone,
I'm Gia and I blog at where I share my experiences as a twin mama and marathoner. In our world we follow this mantra: DEEP BREATH, LONG RUN, BIG HUG, REPEAT. Come visit!

Hiya! Tura from Tikkitiboo - a blog of all things VINTAGE, quirky, amusing and stylish - I'm going to love reading up on all my new friends!
Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
Kim L. said…
Hi everyone.
My name's Kim but feel free to call me Kimmy.

I blog at accidental encounters and it's a photography blog of mine (not a pro, but I love taking pictures). I tell my stories with pictures rather than words.
Sometimes, you get some interior decor and fashion inspiration posts :).

Please do visit and say hi :)
Sandz said…
Hi everyone

My name is Sandz my blog, is about my path to self improvement and taking on new challenges, and creating new friendships.
PG said…

I am from India, blogging over at Yellow Roman Candles (

Random blogging - blogging about almost everything that confronts me in my crazy life.

Latest POst: How to fall in love.

Come & Visit!
Hi. I'm Sonnia and I blog at A Ladybug's Life. I blog about activities from being a Group Organizer of Reckless Seekers in Facebook; being a Mom; being a Writer/Poet/Blogger by heart; being a Construction Coordinator by trade; being a Certified Massage Therapist (JFYH College of Massage) for a fun hobby; being a Rookie Cyclist (Team Livestrong San Jose 2010); being an AltoSax/Clarinet Player (California Repercussions Band member Roadie/Student); and Yelps about PEPMB (People/Events/Places/Movies/Books).

Hope you'd stop by and say "Hello!"

I've been looking forward to comment love day. It is a favorite!

I'm Noelle and I blog about my photography jobs, and lately a few experiments with the camera. I'd love for you to stop by and leave me some "love."
Cliff said…

I'm Cliff and I am lucky to bumped into your blog! Thank you for giving us a chance to showcase our blogs and meet a lot of people.
I'm Toni from Lost Cabin....a place full of gathered vintage treasures, inspiring tunes & visuals and anything that makes life rosy :)
I love the blog hops, great way to make new bloggy friends. xo

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