Blog Feature Week

Hello Gorgeous People of FTLOB! We wanted to give an entire week of nothing but lovely blog features and thought it would be great to take a break from hops to get to know each other on a more intimate level. As nice as hops are, we each need to give blogs the attention they fully deserve and an entire week dedicated to just that might be just what we all need.

Here's the deal: If you have yet to get your blog featured or want another shout out, simply send in any fun post about you, your blog, family, pets, etc. We have a number of features that will be getting thrown out as much throughout this week and will continue them throughout next week during our Blog Feature Week.

Depending on how many new blog features come in, we will be sending anywhere from 3-6 maybe 7 features out a day next week. So grab that delicious cup o' joe, hot cocoa and join us for an entire week of fully fabulous blogs!

You are welcome to send in recipe posts, new features highlighting anything you have going on on your blog, a story about anything, poems, photo posts, anything your heart desires BUT everything sent in MUST be NEW, FRESH Content, something that your readers haven't seen before! Thank You. Send all features to bloglove (at) aol (dot) com


That sounds like fun! I might just have to send in one to join in on the fun lol. :)

Petit Monstree
Laura said…
Yay! I'm excited to see the features! (btw, do you send any kind of notification about when the posts will be going up to those of us who have submitted features? I'd love to be able to let my readers know!)
Anonymous said…
I'm excited to read some possible new blogs and add them to my listing!
Jordan said…
Sounds like a great idea!
I have the same question as Laura up there: do we get notified if we're about to be featured? I'm only asking because I sent in a submission a month or so ago and have yet to be featured. I don't want to resend it and be all pushy if I'm still in the queue! ;)
Angela Lynn said…
Sounds awesome! Do blog giveaways count? It started yesterday? If not i'll send something else in :)
Great idea! And the cup of cocoa with marshmallows looks yummy:)
i absolutely looove this idea!!!! I´ve sent my bilingual posts...hope you like!!!
callie said…
i want to feature my blog but im a total loser at computers.. how do i send it in html guys?
Anonymous said…
This sounds like lots of fun!
Anonymous said…
I really like the idea! And with a good hot chocolate and marshmallows, how can we resist!!
liz said…
pretty new to the site and a little confused. do we send the content we would have posted or a link to the new post that has not been linked anywhere else?

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