Thirsty Thursday #Twitter Party

Hello Famous Tweeters who Love to Grab a Drink and Visit the Most fabulous Blogs in Town! Thanks for joining us for our second week of Thirsty Thursday Twitter Hop , we're so glad to have you! Jump in and enjoy today's company!

Here's the Deal---The First Link up is for Twitter URL's ONLY---Scroll Down to Link Your Blogs to the Thirsty Thursday Hop! Put these codes on your blogs so you can keep up with fellow tweeters throughout the day by grabbing the Get Code Here and placing in your post.
Today's Highlighted Tweeper is # 59 @AFreund2 go say Hello and Make a new friend from the #FTLOB #TwitterHop, visit her blog too!

Now Link up and Get friendly with all of you neighbors. Don't just @ them saying "following you from #FTLOB twitter hop, get connected and talk to them like you would in person- "Hello my new #FTLOB #Twitter friend, Hope you have a super fabulous Day!" MMMMkay! here we GOOOO!!!


Link Your Thirsty Thursday Blogs Here, you don't have to post a drink to link up;D



Ai Sakura said…
thanks for hosting these 2 hops! have a great weekend :)

Ai @ Sakura Haruka
Gillian said…
Thanks for hosting, and I'll paste your codes in today's post!

Gillian from Baby Talk without the Babble
Mira said…
that's a beautiful photo! looks super refreshing!
Bernie said…
Thank you for hosting two hops in one day. I'm jumping in and doing both of them.
Anonymous said…
Love both of these hops, thanks so much!
lushdeez said…
Thirsty Thursday is my favorite! And I love the twitter hop too! I'm @lushdeez and I'm going to go follow all of youtweeps! I've found so many good blogs this way already :)
Yay! I followed her both on Twitter and Blogger.

I'm @brownbugz on Twitter.

Happy Thursday!

A Ladybug's Life

Thanks for hosting ladies! This is quickly becoming one of my favorite hops!!

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