Tasty Tuesday

I know you're ready to get your grub on today! Who's been busy getting the kids back to school and learning to adjust to the new schedules. We hope it's going swell and hope you remember to take a moment to prepare these important family meals throughout the week. Check out this slow cooker recipe and link your delicious meals and desserts below! We're going to start grabbing the linked up meals from our previous linky to feature each week, so be sure to link up!



Bloggin in PA said…
yum! I can't wait to try out some new recipes!
wow thanks for featuring my recipe! i'm linking up a cupcake recipe that's sure to wow your labor day crowds...hope you enjoy it! have a great week!
I've yet to buy a slow cooker unit. I would love to experiment on the new recipes. Now, if I could only find time. LOL

A Ladybug's Life

lushdeez said…
check out my cheesy chicken and potato casserole recipe! Its TO DIE FOR!! I guarentee you will love it!!

<3 kimberly

p.s. here the link in case you missed it :)

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