Tasty Tuesday: Buffalo Chicken Potato Casserole + Dessert

Here at Tasty Tuesday we like to dig right in! Grab a dish and prepare yourself for some good ol' yum! Today's feature is from the lovely Let's Dish. See that dish above? Just Click the pic to go right to the recipe.
You'll practically die over this dessert, so be sure to click that pic too!

and join us by leaving your great recipes below---or link any related food post! we like to see where you eat out sometimes too! xoxo



Bloggin in PA said…
This is weird because I found that recipe on tasty kitchen last week and made it & I was going to post it today! (the buffalo chicken potato casserole!) I guess I will have to find something else to post! :-)

PS- its reallllly good, everyone should try it!
Both tasty Tuesday features look delicious!
My ass grew three sizes just looking at the pics! Yum.
I love anything involving Buffalo Chicken! I am definitely making this one!

Thanks so much!!!!
oooooooooo that casserole looks scrumptious!
This link up always makes me SO hungry! :)
Those sound to die for!!! I love the potato casserole recipe - I use it all the time (and I know why you call it Funeral Potatoes) but I have never tried it with Ranch Dressing - and everyone knows everything is better with Ranch Dressing :-D

The dessert looks awesome!

Thanks so much for joining the Tuesday Train!
Jenny said…
oh such yummy lookin foodies :D

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