Picture Perfect: Pets

welcome to picture perfect where we share our love for photography-this weeks theme is pets

Due to the high volume of link-ups not related to the contest, you are strongly urged to participate accordingly-Don't Link if you are not playing, save those for other hops where we have no rules!

You have all week to play, the linky stays open until next tues at midnight est.

Last weeks winner of the Decor Picture Perfect was-

This weeks Pets Theme Photos:
1.) Take a Photo of anything related to your pets.
2.) Post the photo on your blog linking back so you can get likes
3.) Submit the photo on this linky using the photo as the thumbnail
4.) Link to the Post not the Blog
5.) Whomever gets the MOST LIKES will win $10 Cash
6.) Be creative, edit however you like
Please grab this button so we know you're playing! Can't wait to see these awesome photos!



Patty said…
This is great for beating the end-of-summer blahhhhhs! Who can't get a smile from fur-baby pics?
Unknown said…
OOOOHHHH, we love this! Come see how you pup wetting the bed can be beautiful. ;)
Kim L said…
and all the pets are so adorableeeee!
Unknown said…
Yay!! Love taking pics of our pets! And I've got just the thing for this one... Friends, meet Steve-O. Our little white donkey! haha
hoosiergirl said…
I clicked the wrong pic...but this does depict me when I find a sneaky Trip has had a puppy poo behind the sofa! :D
Amanda C. said…
Pet pics are the best! <3
pilgrimjamie said…
:D This is my favorite so far! So many cute pooches and kittehs!!!
Jenny said…
I wish I had pets :P I used to have a dog but I had to give it up when my mom left her bf :(
Vapid Vixen said…
I agree with Jamie Pilgrim. This is my favorite one so far too. I love seeing everyone's little furry, feathered family members!

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