Tasty Tuesday

One thing I love about Tasty Tuesday is finding new and different recipes. Take the yumminess below for example... it's totally healthy and has a crazy ingredient you would never expect. You have to click through find out what it is!

Hipster Fresh has a fun thing going on right now... a series of posts called "Too Hot to Cook" with all nice and cool recipes. I thought this chicken salad looked divine.

Link up below to share what you are cooking up this week!



Tuesday are always a great day... hope to meet some new bloggers.

Everyone have a wonderful day.

thanks so much
Jordan said…
Happy Tuesday!! The links are smaller this week, it's more difficult to see what looks yummy. :)
Yasmeen said…
Happy tasty tuesday, looking forward to seeing what everyone cooked!

I posted my orange spice upside-down cakes :)
Slidecutter said…
Happy Tasty Tuesday!

Already lovin' that Orange Spice Cake from Yasmeen...mmmmmm!

Enjoy the day!
Bobbi said…
I hope everyone has a Tasty Tuesday! ♥ BJ
Madison said…
Good morning, this is awesome:) Have a great day!

I love finding new recipes :)
Summer Scraps said…
All of these recipes look divine!
Aimee said…
Thanks for hosting!!!!
Coupon Queen said…
I think I gain about 5 pounds every Tuesday! lol, hope everyone is having a great week! Thanks for sharing the chocolate pudding, I may try that out, it is soooo much more healthy, that and I am just plain intrigued!
Remy said…
I don't think my Peanut Butter & Blackberry Jelly sandwich is worthy of being linked up -laughs- but OMG I'm loving the other recipes. I NEED MY OWN KITCHEN, DARNIT!
I like your dish.
Chicken salad is best for gaining weight in short time. I like to add rose flavour and chilly juice, its test become very spicy.

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