Summer Giveaway Bash

It's time to get those shades out, the tanning lotion on and celebrate a fantastic year here at FTLOB! We wanted to thank each of you for being as supportive and as wonderful as you are because this has truly been a great fabulous community.

Starting July 1st, we are putting our first giveaway out! We work with amazing sponsors and appreciate their generous giving. We will be hosting these giveaways on a daily basis as they come.....meaning you only have that day to enter. So be sure to mark your calenders and come back each day to enter a new giveaway. ONE DAY ONLY----remember that! We'll give you the run down so no one feels left out or misses any action.
How it will work:
  • You have One Chance to enter the giveaway put out on that day
  • Giveaways will close at 11:59pm est time
  • Only One Comment Per Entrant {all others will not count}
  • You must comment accordingly--meaning read the entry rules!
  • Anyone can enter
  • A Twitter Party will be going on and some RT's will give u a chance to win something on Twitter as well. #summergiveawaybash @taylordates
  • Enjoy and Have Fun!
  • Please NOTE{CASH Giveaways will be ran differently giving you more ways to enter: SEE BELOW}
Please Grab a Button to remind you to come back to participate and join the fun!
This is a great chance at winning fantastic prizes, meeting new friends and having a blast. We are still looking for more fab sponsors to make this a thrilling time! We also want to giveaway cash prizes, so for every dollar donated, your name will be entered into that giveaway!

Email BLOGLOVE (at) aol (dot) com for more details

For the CASH Giveaways:

it can be anywhere from $5-$1000 depending on how many supporters we do get. I myself will be purchasing gift cards and fun cash giveaways to restaurants, etc....if anyone else wants to help, you will be entered into these giveaways for a chance to win by simply donating a dollar towards this bash!

For Every Dollar you donate, your name will be entered into the cash giveaway being hosted. Please pay close attention on how it will work!

The Cash giveaways will run for a week at a time. You will have more than one way to enter. For each dollar you donate (YOU DO NOT NEED TO DONATE TO ENTER) but for donators, you may leave a comment telling how much you donated and you'll be entered that many times, so the more you donate, the more chances you have....if you donate $1, that's one entry, $5 that's five, etc....etc.....

WHEN U DONATE, PLEASE PUT in the NOTES that this is for the summer giveaway bash and remember that whatever email you use for the donation MUST BE the same email you use when leaving your comments! if you are not comfortable leaving the email----send us a direct email at bloglove at aol so we can keep track of all donations!

Simple and Easy:) Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or want to help----please grab a button to remember to come back and enter! a special thanks to branson for making these buttons. xoxo


Aimee said…
So exciting! You gals rock!
Stephanie said…
Awesome! This'll be fun! =D
*S said…
So exciting. You gals are bombtastic! ;)
Jenny said…
sounds awesome :D
Yay! im curiously waiting :)
Alex said…
woooo hoo!!! can't wait!
Sherri said…
Wow ladies you rock! This sounds awesome!! So excited:)

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