Coffee Talk

Hello Lovelies! Happy Coffee Day! Grab a cup, relax and jump in to find some more amazing friends.

Today we are sharing our lovely friends tutorial on how to brew turkish coffee-if you missed this, you have to check it out! awesome:)

We hope you had an amazing week- Anything EXCITING going on for the weekend? I'm having a few kids over for a fun day in the sun. I wish I had a pool, but we'll find fun things to do outside!

Do you have any craft projects going on right now? Have you found any great 4th of July items for your house? You should definitely link up to our 4th-of-July-extravaganza.

Don't forget about the Summer Giveaway Bash, it is going to be so exciting, a winner a day!  There has even been a sneak peek to one {2} of the giveaways, with more sneak peeks to come.

Here are this weeks Fab Friends, go give a shout! and link up your week unwind here at coffee talk. Don't miss our lovely friends in the community or the directory, we have the best blogs in town! Go Stalk. You'll Love them.




Denise said…
I'm a new follower from Thursday's Friends Cafe Blog Hop. I see you are having a hop too. I hope you will follow me back I can be found in facebook too and twitter @DeniseLillaRose If you like/follow me there I will do the same for you. When you stop by my blog, please check out my kind of fashion (hair jewelry).
Slidecutter said…
Happy last!

Have a lovely, iced coffee, day!

Bloggin in PA said…
Happy Friday! I am enjoying an iced vanilla latte from Starbucks!
Hi I've been a follower for a while but I'm not really sure how it all works... ? ... Help?


P.S Happy Coffee Day!!!!
Vic said…
@laura welcome! jump in and link up your blog..if you have an unwind coffee post, great, if not still link up---we'll be happy to visit! enjoy the day:)
How do I link up? Sorry I'm so clueless :( x
Vic said…
@bloggin in Pa, hello dear...enjoy! i'll be making another iced coffee very soon here....i saved my mixes in the fridge from yesterday...should be real tasty!
Vic said…
Click on the BLUE Click Here to Enter and Enter your URL in the Link area, Then Type Your Blog Title in the Space below and Click the web tab to get a pic and submit. If you can't get it after this , i will link it for you:)
Vic said…
Patty...good morning doll! Wishing you a fabulous day! ur blog has been looking mighty fabulous:) xoxo
Vic said…
@denise welcome! please visit our blogging tips located on the very top nav bar to see how we roll:) thanx!!!
Destiny said…
Happy Friday!!
Coupon Queen said…
Thanks for hosting another fun week, I ADORE Turkish and Greek coffe so this was a lot of fun to check out!! Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a great weekend everyone!
Hi! I am visiting from the hop! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would follow me back! My most recent blog post explains how to follow via GFC in case my blogger follow button is down! thanks so much!
Jenny said…
I love this hop, I always find new and nifty blogs to visit every day:D
So glad it's Friday! This has been a BAD week in my neck of the woods! Hope everyone else had a much better one! :)
Chels said…
Yay for being a Fab Friend!! Thanks FTLOB! :)
Camille said…
Hi! Found you on the blog hop and I am now your newest follower!
Camille @
Melissa said…
Thanks for hosting! I have your blog hop in my library. I entered my link twice, sorry.
yasmeen said…
hey! you guys rock!

i just checked in and saw that my little turkish coffee post was featured here. big THANKS!

you will all be wired after a taste of this stuff. you can thank/blame me in advance :)
AHBrowne (Kim) said…
Thank you so much for featuring me up there! haha I didn't even realize it. I was getting ready to participate in blog hops to help OTHER blogs and there I was!! lol Thanks guys, I LOVE your blog :D
AHBrowne (Kim) said…
Oh! Anyone that wishes to have their blogs featured on my page, I'd be more than happy to add you over there too!! Happy to return the favor :) xx


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