Coffee Talk

Good Day Beautiful Friends!  It's finally the weekend, thank goodness.  It has been a busy, busy week, and after several days of feeling yucky, I'm as good as new!  How has your week been?

So do you have a favorite coffee?  Is there a place when you buy coffee that is your go to place?  My favorite is Dunkin Donuts, they are the only place that makes what I want correctly.  Have you ever gone to a place that never gets your coffee order correct?  I swear, the other coffee places,  never get it right.  I don't ask for anything they don't have on their menu, but it's always wrong.  So, take me to a DD and I'm a happy camper.  It's also a plus that I can get a yummy cream filled donut to enjoy there too!
Have you checked out all the awesome giveaways on the right side bar?  There are some really great ones there, and in July, there is going to be a month long worth of amazing giveaways!

Have you ever checked out The Look Book?  It's a really cool place to see what others' are wearing and you can share your fab look too.  It's a great chance to get your look noticed!

Check out this weeks Fab Friends....

Have a Fabulous Weekend Friends! and don't forget to wrap your friday post up with a little coffee chat and fab friends.



Slidecutter said…
Have my fav DD Coconut Iced Coffee in hand as I run out the door to work. Here in NY, all DD shops are giving a free donut with a beverage purchase today...whoohoo!

Great Fab Friends today..can't wait to visit each of them!

Have a great Friday all!

b. lee said…
happy fer-Riday all * * sippin' on my home brewed java with a dash of milk & skinny latte creamer!! have a sweet day :D
Jenn said…
Happy National Donut Day... You can get a free donut with that cup of coffee today!
Stephanie said…
I'm back to my regularly scheduled coffee today, but yesterday was all about tea and crumpets! They were so much fun to make! Next time, though, I think I'll add some cinnimon. ;)

Have a happy friday, everyone!
I love Dunkin' Donuts coffee!!! Happy Friday!
Coupon Queen said…
Happy friday everyone, I am looking forward to a nice pot of mint coffee today, its cool and raining out, a perfect day for warm coffee. :) Thanks for the hop, have a great weekend!
whoa! can't believe my banner is on here! thank so much!!!
melody-mae said…
now you went and did it...i WANT a donut! ;)
sunshine said…
I am from Costa Rica and coffee is a HUGE part of our culture and as a country we produce some of finest, most delicious coffee in the world.

My favorite coffee is Costarican "Britt" or "Tres Generaciones".

Have a wonderful weekend :)
Alex said…
I love coffee!!!! Dunkin Donuts is one of my favorite places as well.

Hope you all have a great weekend.


WHOO!!! Excited for Friday and being a fab friend today! :) Yay!!! My fave coffee is from my coffee pot with a little... scratch that... a lot of Cinnamon Vanilla creamer! ;)
Ugh what a week! Today is national donut day too, yum!
Danni Meyers said…
Roasters Coffee Bar! lol, I know you have no clue where that is, but if follows your little rant about coffee shops never getting your order right. That would be why I love this place!
Okay, I just like the boring creamy cup of coffee. But with me the mug makes a difference! What about anybody else? Do you have a fav mug?

Happy coffee drinking...

chantilly said…
i love local coffee shops :)
Hockey Wife said…
I go back and forth with my friend Kym about this a lot. I honestly prefer Starbucks coffee (er, white mochas). I've tried other places around town and theirs is just my favorite. Nothing to do with the brand or the cup, just the taste. Kym is a DD fan through and through!
Patricia said…
Thanks for hosting this blog hop. I have it posted on my blog.

I am following you via FNF blog hop. Following you already on GFC. Stop by and visit and join what you like.
Patricia said…
LOL I typed in the wrong blog hop. Coffee Talk is the blog hop and thanks for hosting.

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