The Album- #4

It's a fresh new month for the album. We hope you've been taking a ton of shots to share. We invite you to link up any wordless wednesday, photography posts that consist of mainly photographs, less talk. We would also love to see some Life in Photos posts. I did one some time ago and I think I'm going to do another real soon. Since my hair is all blonde now:)

Each month we try to feature a photo★
★this month we're featuring this adorable face!
click the pic to see who it belongs to

if you'd like to be featured in one of our posts, simply leave a comment on this post with the link to the photo you want to share. other than that, link up and show your photos off! enjoy browsing others as well:)



King Corvid said…
Most of my entries consist of a single picture and an entry full of text. I'll just submit one of my favorites, I suppose!
I want to choose my last picture.
Is this how it works?
Lg Tina
janis said…
What Fun! So glad I stumbled onto For The Love Of Blogs♥
ps.. the snake eating picture entry freaks me out a bit. Bad memories!lol
Gillian said…
Thanks so much for featuring us! Much love...
Adriane said…
I'd love to be featured! Here's a link to a post with my newest favorite photo of my gorgeous little girl:
Kate said…
I'd love to be featured sometime. Here's my latest favorite shot!
Love sharing photos! yay :)
Jenny Stephens said…
I would love for my photography to be featured! My favorite photography assignment is found at

Jenny @ Jems From Jenny
Sweta said…
Hi!This is a great idea and I'm having great fun checking out other photo posts :)

I'd love it if you featured one of the photos from my last Wordless Wednesday Post

CraveCute said…
Still new to all of this! I would love to be featured some day. I have lot's of photos, but here is one of my favorites. Thanks!
Tracey Lynne said…
Wouldn't it be lovely to be featured?
Here's my link:

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