Who's Thirsty for some L-O-V-E or just a drink!?

well hellllo thirsty people...let's get our drinks on along with making some more fabulous friends, eh?!

this watermelon punch looks so refreshing! grab the link by clicking the photo.

who's thirsty? LINK UP! xo


Slidecutter said...

I am so ready!

Have a lovely, but not too thirsty, Thursday everyone!


Frugal in WV said...

Thanks for hosting, following you now! look forward to your future posts!


TexaGermaNadian said...

Ohh! So many marg recipes already for the holiday! Love it. Have a great one!

chantilly said...

:drool: wow, just look at that watermelon punch. i'd love margarita for cinco de mayo myself :)

Sarah the Writer said...

Happy Thirsty Thursday, y'all! I wish I could go out for margaritas for Cinco de Mayo but I have no one to go with (not to mention I don't really like alcohol). Oh well. Maybe next year...

Missy said...

That watermelon punch could not look any cooler!

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