Weekend Wander

So what do all of you lovely peeps have going on this weekend?  Are you all drying out from all of this rain and flooding?

I could really use some sunshine, especially with Mother's Day tomorrow.  It would make a lovely day beautiful!
Check out the Who's Crafty Section for some last minute gift ideas!

Or just prop up your feet, sit next to your computer or laptop, let your family pamper you and get your Wander on!

Have a Happy Day!



Slidecutter said…
Off to the salon (aka "Head Cases") for a client this morning and then a few errands. Just hoping for a sunny Mom's Day tomorrow along with some time to myself out on the chaise lounge.

Of course, having George Clooney stop by to make me a Mimosa, or two, would be nice...:)))

Have a lovely day!
Nina C. said…
My mother unfortunately has so to work this weekend. this weekend I am just writing my little heart out and trying to get my novel on the move. Sunday night however, I am planning a huge dinner. will also be visiting other people's blog as well.
Rebecca said…
My parents just got into LA from Germany last night. . .up to study at 6am today, so I can spend the day with them :) I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend - with or without their moms! <3
Morgan said…
Have a lovely weekend everyone! With the thunderstorms rolling in, it'll be nice to burn some candles and get lost with a bunch of you (s). And if nobody says it early or anything...happy mothers day to all of you Mamas!
Trina Curran said…
The perfect time for my old school kickball post. I wish more neighborhoods, online and off, were like this! Love your site, as always.
Renae said…
hello weekend... hello clouds... hello weekend wander... happy mother's day
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! The weather looks beautiful where I am (which hasn't happened in a LONG time!)


La Fille Américaine
Happy weekend y'all! It's family weekend at my college and my parents are on their way as I type (technically my dad was gonna come anyway for the spring football game but I asked that my mom tag along). They're staying overnight and we're going to a Mother's Day Brunch that my school's dining services holds every year. Can't wait!
melody-mae said…
Yes, I could use some sunshine. It is raining cats & dogs right now...getting a bit tired of it all!
Have a lovely day everyone!!!!!
MammaGeek said…
I am so sorry, mine got added twice. Technology and I don't mix, the fact that I run this blog could mean the end of the world!
kyari0919 said…
Happy weekend everyone! It's Derby Nation here in good ol' louisville! So its hectic. Hope everyone is good and dry!

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