Thirsty Thursday : tequila sunrise

first of all: happy TT

second of all: who loves a drink with CHERRIES in it!? i do. and i know you'd better too cause today is a slurp-A-licious day with yummy cherry garnishes!

Tequila Sunrise
Get in the mood to drink.. Once you have one Tequila Sunrise you will not want to stop drinking them.

2 oz Tequila
4 oz orange juice
3/4 oz grenadine
Garnish with cherry and lemon, or, garnish with slices of star fruit and mango.

For this drink I recommend Two Fingers Gold Tequila. Tune the amount of grenadine to your taste. Be careful not to overdue the grenadine, however. This can cause your Sunrise to be too sweet and syrupy. VIA

if you're new here, get ready to hear about a gal's best drinking pal-----the amaretto sours! totally de-lish.
i mix a little amaretto with sweet and sour mix and pour cherry juice in with sometimes a little sprite or 7-up! if you're making this yourself, you have to test the amounts...i never get mine as good as the restaurants do!:) i'm tipsy dipsy like that (i guess) shhh...don't tell anyone. photo via

Are you ready to share your fave this week and get your drinks on? VIRGIN ou NOT!

MMMMMMkay! Listen Up thirsty cup! NEXT week on TT we are Hosting the Chili's Margarita Madness and we are offering gift cards to whomever posts their favorite Margarita Recipes and links them up----stay tuned next week for details and we'll update you on further instructions.  
Ready----Set-----Get er Done!


Slidecutter said…
Could definitely use some Tequila to start off...maybe even morning, lol

Have a lovely day everyone!
King Corvid said…
Tequila will ruin my life.
Jenn Flynn-Shon said…
HOW have I never had a Tequila Sunrise before? Raiding the liquor cabinet right now...
Jessi said…
Tequila Sunrises are one of my favorite drinks! Yum!

Have a happy Thursday! :)
TexaGermaNadian said…
Woohoo! Have a great Thirsty Thursday everyone :)
The Sweet Life said…
That looks delicious. It has to be a special occasion for me to have tequila. Happy almost Friday! Love joining in on the blog hop. New follower. :)
Every Thursday morning you guys make me wish it was the weekend :). Thanks for giving me something to look forward to!
amy said…
The week has me rambling, and searching for peace. I think I'd find it sipping this drink ^.^

love your blog!

sweetness xx
hope to hear from you*!
Mmmm, I would LOVE a fruity drink right now, but the carpool line calls.... :(

Thanks so much for hosting!

I've added your blog hop to my List of over 100 Hops! You can find it here: A Helicopter Mom's BLOG HOP LIST

Have a great day!
A Helicopter Mom
Almost the weekend again!!! YEAH!!! Happy Thursday lovelies!

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