Tasty Tuesday

Let's just skip the mumbo jumbo and dive right into this piece of yum!
Welcome to Tasty Tuesdays. Check out these delicious cupcakes from a pretty lady named Amy. Be sure to browse her site to get all the goods. Link up your favorite recipes so we can scope them out and make something tasty. Or rather, taste something de-O.

Perhaps tonight you should make this for dinner:

lemon spaghetti-get the entire recipe here

send all of your recipe posts to ashleyplus3 (at) yahoo (dot) com so she can feature it here on Tasty Tues.

If you're ready....LINK UP.....DIVE IN......And get the Taste Buds Going!



Slidecutter said…
Lots of yummy things so far, and the day has just begun!

Have a lovely day all!

Jill said…
I shared my delicious Banana Coconut Cream Dessert with a video.
Thank you deary! I love seeing a post of mine on this blog. It makes my day extra special.

I see some lemon spaghetti in my future.
Jenn Flynn-Shon said…
Wow. I have no talent or skill for creating but I certainly love to eat. Luckily my husband enjoys cooking so there's a few recipes to pass on to him immediately. Yum!
Megan said…
Thanks for hosting all this deliciousness!
Anonymous said…
I'm not much of an Oreo person, but that cupcake looks yummy!

I wish I had something to link up but all I have is my blog (again). Hopefully this'll change soon.

Happy Tasty Tuesday y'all!
Anonymous said…
Mmmmmmmm.... cupcakes!! Who doesn't like cupcakes?? Unfortunately this cupcake-lover is trying to lose weight so I've got to go easy on the sweet stuff. It's a pity!
b. lee said…
the lemon pasta looks so fresh & light ... perfect-o for summer :D
Aimee said…
Yum, cupcakes. Thanks for hosting again!!
Colleen said…
I should NOT have read this right before lunch. Now I'm starving!!!
Omg those cupcakes look like they are to dieeee for!
KY said…
Hi friends - I don't have any yummy foods to share this week, but I do have a very heart warming recipe for motivation and inspiration at Travel Babbles today.

I hope you all have a wonderful day :)
sécia said…
Yum! I've entered a few of my yummy recipes.

♥ sécia
Thanks for including my Lemon Spaghetti! It's one of the favourites in our house.

The cookies and cream cupcake looks absolutely delicious.
Amy said…
I can't believe how hungry this made me. Dang it!
amberlee said…
yummy! this post is making me hungry. Linking up is on my to do list. Lots of great links to look through x
Faith said…
How did I miss this link-up?! What a great idea :) Can't wait to look through these links. You know how I love food photography!

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