Tasty Tuesday {blog hop}

Good morning friends! I missed you all while on vacation and am happy to be back in the BEST blogging community around!

While I was away, I missed celebrating one of my favorite days... Cinco de Mayo. I was excited to come home and find this post by Let's Dish with some awesome Mexican dishes. Even though Cinco de Mayo has passed, I still can't wait to try all these out!

Pineapple Green Chile Pork Tacos
White Chicken Enchiladas
Dulce de Leche
Chicken Chilaquiles
Seven Layer Tortilla Pie

Happy cooking, eating and hopping today! And come back this afternoon, we are posting a new contest with a cash prize!



Mollie said…
Slidecutter said…
Neener, Neener @Mollie...that was only because I was up late working on my award post and actually slept until 5 this morning, lolol

Happy Tuesday lovely people! Going to check out some great recipes!

b. lee said…
that's right ... I'm right after these to characters :D

that Seven Layer Tortilla Pie is callin' my name ~ ~

happy Tasty Tuesday y'all * *
b. lee said…
TWO characters :D
Nakia said…
YUM! Happy Tuesday!
Aimee said…
Happy Tuesday and belated Cinco de Mayo! I'm a new follower.
Whitney said…
Yaay! Happy Tasty Tuesday :)

Have an awesome day everyone!
Jenny said…
Is it really Tuesday?! aww It feels like Monday... Prolly 'cause my husband was home yesterday.
Anonymous said…
Those look yummy even though I'm not that into Mexican food! I think I might have to save that Dulce de Leche recipe. Ice cream sundaes, here I come!

Happy Tuesday, y'all!
Coupon Queen said…
Another Tasty Tuesday! I'm having such fun finding new recipes.
Stephanie said…
I need to start adding recipes to this, haha. I have a few, but I'm lazy, you know? Typing and all that jazz? =D

Looks delicious though!
Miss Muffy said…
I think I'm destined for a big-o-breakfast today! Lol Salivatin' over here!!! :D
Lost.in.Idaho said…
Don't forget Fried Ice Cream and Mango Margaritas! Ole!
Anonymous said…
I posted my blog post in the wee hours this morning, but didn't get to do Mr Linky until now!! I'm doing my Tasty Tuesday's Weight Watchers stylee, for anyone who is trying to lose weight (like me) but wants something tasty to eat.
Debbie said…
yummmm. I am SO coming back over here after the rugrats are in bed tonight to read over these recipes!
white chicken enchilladas??!! sign me up!
EVerything looks so delicious! Definitely going to have to try these out.

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