Coffee talk with Fab Friends

Good Day! So this is our awesome new link up, Coffee talk!  It is going to go up on Friday mornings, and last through Sunday. This gives us all the opportunity to link up and have plenty of time to find fabulous friends. You can add your link on Friday, but if you don't have time to look around, you can come back on Saturday or even Sunday and find some friends to chat with. Nice, right?!
How was your week? Anything fun or exciting happen to you or someone special you love?  Do you have something planned for this weekend?  I usually don't do much during the week, so I look forward to the weekend.  I love to get out of the house and do stuff, anything is great! with a cup of joe in the hand. The fun posts are gonna be interesting, eh? The first linky should go up on Sunday.

if you're new here, catch up by browsing the site for awesome blogs, reading past features and linking up wherever possible. I hope you've got a cup ready because there is so much fabness going on here today!
This weeks Fab friends are...
Get your coffee talk ready with a wrap up of the week and letting everyone know where you find these fab blogs! Enjoy the weekend. Stay tuned for more great features, giveaways and more..... 



I love linking up, and I love when y'all post fab friends. It gives us all a chance to explore great, undiscovered blogs. I can't tell you how many "fab friends" FTLOB has led me to. Thanks so much for creating such a warm and friendly community!
Bernie said…
T.G.I.F. Nothing exciting going on here in Montana this weekend. We are supposed to get heavy rain all weekend. That means drinking French Press coffee and crafting.
Slidecutter said…
I think that big, yellow, thing might just be the sun; not sure because it's been raining for days here in NY.

Hope Friday finds the sun shining on all of you lovelies, wherever you are!

b. lee said…
happy fresh-a-licious friday friends * * yep, Patty ... IT'S THE SUN :D whaa-hoo ~
Hi sweetie did you get my email?
Happy Friday! Don't forget to stop by and enter my latest giveaway! Big Hugs!!
Joyful Sparrow said…
Hey! What a lovely surprise to find my button in the Fab Friends! You made my morning!
sunshine said…
Well, anything "coffee" and I so into, that I couldn't resist this wonderful way to link up with some amazing blogs out there!

I'll be on the lookout for some wonderful reads this weekend, have a good one!
Coffee, huh? Now you're talkin' my language! This is a great idea, and I'm glad it's going on through the weekend. :) Looking forward to making new blogging friends and catching up with some old(ie yet goodie) ones!
Jenn Flynn-Shon said…
Great day to meet new peeps over a nice cup of coffee ahhh...whole lot of nothing going on this weekend though, except hockey playoff game and dinner with friends oh & helping my dad move. So ok, a lot really...
Dawniebee12 said…
Great link up! Thanks!
Madison said…
Gotta love Friday's!!!
Add a cup of joe and forget about it:) Have an awesome weekend!

My Meddling Mind
eeeeeeeeee!!! I am in love with the new blog header!!!
Alyssa said…
Favorite part of the weekend! I love meeting new bloggy friends!!


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