Coffee Talk- a new ftlob feature

in my glorious love for coffee, i've been coffee chatting it up and wanted to bring it here because i know there must be a million of you blog lovers who drink it every single day! our coffee lovers group is probably not enough interaction due to the comments getting overflowed and then deleted, so a better way is to write all about your week on Friday's Post and consider this our coffee talk! Be sure to wrap your week up by telling us your favorite cup and add some delicious coffee pics.


Grab a Cute button so your friends can join the chat:
The Way it will Work:
  • Give us the run down of your week on your Friday Post!
  • include some photos of your favorite cups of coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, frozen caramel coffee's, etc. and anything else you wish to share with us.
  • link up your post here on Friday's Coffee Talk Party
  • Visit other blogs to see what they were up to and leave some coffee comment love on that post!
  • send in your coffee loving moments here at ftlob so we can feature it on the coffee talk series
I know what you are thinking------what about my fab friends friday------I will somehow incorporate into this because I think the best day to get our Coffee Unwind is the end of the week----We will also come up with some fabulous questions for you to answer, making it a little more fun!
Everyone is welcome to jump in whether they drink the stuff or not! Can't wait to see how your week went when we stop by for a little coffee talk. Questions, concerns, comments, features can be sent to
bloglove at aol dot com


Slidecutter said…

You're just so darn creative it makes me want to spit with jealousy!

Coffee Hugs,
Jordan said…
I hate coffee, I'm a tea girl, but I always do a Friday Randomness post to close up the week. Sounds like this will tie in perfectly! can't wait to participate.
Sinea said…
Sounds like fun!
b. lee said…
muy bien * * FTLOBs rocks ;) looking forward to doin' some coffee talk! xo
Stephanie said…
This sounds awesome! Looking forward to it. =]
sécia said…
This is gonna be fun! I knew there was a reason I started following this awesome blog. ;)

♥ sécia
Miss Muffy said…
Really cute idea!!!
<3 Muffy
Ashley said…
Love this idea chica, can't wait to link up!
Susi said…
Great idea!!
Jenny said…
Awesome Idea!! I'll have to wait till next week 'cause uh... friday is gone :P
Alyssa said…
I love coffee, but I'm more of a tea girl. I can't wait for this coffee talk though! Such a great idea!

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