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Well hello friends...i haven't forgotten about your lovely faces. Was super busy this morning, so i hope you enjoy this feature while i get the rest of today's posts prepared! Enjoy.

I started this blog to express myself, my thoughts, and as a way to find inspiration. So far, so good! I am trying to find myself and my true hidden talents. All of which I am choosing to write about during my exploration. I believe that anyone who enjoys REAL, EVERYDAY life may enjoy reading my ramblings!
Our Beautiful Girl
The Hubs & I on our Wedding Day

Simply put, I am a wife. A mother. A daughter. A friend. A lover of Nature. An obsessed and avid music listener, coffee drinker, and art lover. I am still {fairly} new to blogging and photography, but we all have to start somewhere, right? RIGHT! So this blog is what one could call, my stepping stone. My leap into the unknown, and what I can only hope to be one of the greatest adventures of my lifetime! 
Me. Myself and I.
My hopes are to make & meet some more awesome, amazing new people on my journey! Won't you please join me?


Mollie said…
This is a very cute blog and blogger!
melody-mae said…
I am off to visit your blog but, I wanted to give you a shout out on here to and congrats on the feature!!! Whoot!
shah wharton said…
Great to meet you Grazie. x
Slidecutter said…
Congrats on being featured!

Glad that you found your way to FTLOB, nothing unknown here, just some fabulous and creative people!

Your daughter is just presh, by the way!

Have a lovely day,

Missy said…
Congratulations on the feature :-) Isn't it a great day when you get featured!! Just heading to your blog now!
b. lee said…
congrats on the feature * already a fan ;)
Chrissy said…
Congrats on the amazing feature! xxx
Yay for my best friend!!! I already love your blog but hope others check it out! Congrats my dear!
Congrats on the feature! Off to read your blog...

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