Fab Friends Friday

who's ready to meet some more fab friends? the weather is absolutely gorge! what are the plans for the weekend? we've got some great shout outs today. if you enjoy fab friends friday, it's always nice to include your faves in your posts. be sure to link to them, link your blog here and get some more exposure. if you have yet to get featured, get those in. stay tuned for more posts...there are fresh members in the community if you want to scope them out! Have you Entered our FB Contest? enjoy the day friends....
Today's fab friends are



Yay! New fab friends to check out. Congrats on being featured, you guys! Happy Friday, everyone!
I'm thrilled to say I just joined your blog today! Thank you so much for hosting this "fabulous" party!
Emily Joyce said…
This weekend, I'm working on schoolwork(ugh) and hopefully relaxing some with my hubby! :) Looking forward to meeting some new fab friends!
Bernie said…
Its Friday!! Yippee. I thought the day would never ever get here.
Katherina said…
Finally Weekend! Yey!! Have a great friday!
Slidecutter said…
WhooHoooo...more Fab Friends!

Love seeing one of my, already, favs...Colie, from The Colie Chronicles up there and can't wait to visit Together for the Better and...Smile Soup.

Trying to clear a pile of work from my desk just so the week-end can begin!

Happy Friday,

Adriane said…
Our weather is not so gorgeous here in Maryland, but I'm hoping we'll see some nice weather by Sunday! If so we'll just be enjoying the weather as a family!

Happy Friday everyone! :)
-dweej said…
Gosh I do love Fridays!

Yes...the weather...it's supposed to be 80 degrees on Sunday here in southwest Michigan. Incredible! :D
Congrats to all who were featured today! :D

Totally jealous of those of you with nice weather. We had a teaser yesterday, but we're back to 40s and rainy in central MD! No worries, though -- happy hour with the girls from work is sure to warm me up tonight. ;)

Happy Friday, everyone!
TexaGermaNadian said…
Great feature picks :) Have a great Friday ya'll!
No. 7 said…
Yay for the features!! Love The Colie Chronicles. Can't wait to go check the rest out and discover some new blogs. Just discovered House Unseen. Life Unscripted!!
hellosundae said…
Oh, no! Please help, I added myself to the "Life Blogs{Includes Style and Design}" list and accidentally typed "Hell, Sundae" Not good :( I even realized I added myself to the wrong list. I am a hot mess today! PS It's nice to meet some new fab people!
melody-mae said…
new friends to discover this weekend!!! yay!
Hooray for Friday! And since (my last) spring quarter is in full swing, I have homework to do ... tomorrow.
Happy Friday Friends!! LOVE that picture from Smile Soup! :)
Sending hugs and smiles and wishes for a wonderful weekend!Katherine
Colie said…
Wheeeeeeeee! Look at me being "featured" - - that is beyond FAB!!! Thank you so much FTLOB! Hope lots of new friends stop by and say Hi.
PS: I really need to get myself a new button. I'm all blurry.
Missy said…
Yey!! It's Friiiidddaayyyyy!!!! Today I've definitly got a fab friend. A real life friend has guest blogged for me! Hope you like her!!

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