Twitter Party Reminder

just a quick reminder that our twitter party is still going to be on Saturday 3/5 @ 12pm est. It's a little early for the west coast but we will be on for quite a few hours (taylordates) will be anyways, so whenever you have time to join us-that's fine!

and depending on how things go, we may host another sometime again soon!

please go to this post for more details and grab a button! the more involved the merrier! ;-)

so far we are going to be giving ad spaces out on several blogs, chrissy from chrissy in america has agreed to donate an item and we are still working on ideas and gifts{i have some of my own unique giveaways going on}, so if you are interested in helping/participating in exchange for promotion, please email us at bloglove at aol dot com

we are super thrilled to be working with such amazing friends! this should be loads of fun! let's tweet it up! hope to see you there!


CCH said…
your blog is so cute, and i loveee the name
Karen said…
glad I found this blog on the blog hop this week:)

hoping you stop by and follow me back
Chrissy said…
Can't wait! Yay!!
Jamie Rubeis said…
This sounds like fun! I hope i can remember to join in! I suck at remembering things. I need to write it down!
Hockey Wife said…
I'm going to try to join in on Saturday ... My husband has a game and game days are a little chaotic! Fingers crossed!
Christina Lucas said…
LOVE your blog!!! Thank you, ladies!:)

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