Thirsty Thursday Blog Hop

Happy Thursday lovelies!  The week is winding down and it's time to kick back and have a drink...or two if you'd like.  Today we're bringing you a unique and fun old fashioned rosemary cocktail.  doesn't it look fabulous?!?

click on the picture to go straight to the source.  the ingredients needed are below, but there are a few extra details you won't want to miss!

2 oz bourbon
1 oz rosemary simple syrup
2 dashes bitters (Angostura is the standard)
1 orange wedge
2 cherries (pictured are fresh cherries, pitted, but you can use jarred)
1 rosemary spear

In a glass filled with ice, squeeze the wedge of orange into the glass and place on top of the ice.  Pour the bourbon and simple syrup on top. Add the bitters.  Stir.  Strip the rosemary leaves off the bottom 1 inch of the branch and spear 2 cherries on the end.  Serve.

Link up your fabulous recipes below and have a beautiful day!



lacherie_17 said…
Ooooh this sounds yummy! I think I might request this at my next ladies night out at the bar :)
shah wharton said…
Happy Thursday folks - Mines a Black Cat cocktail today! A new experience I had in the week. Yummy! Shah from WordsinSync. X
Toni said…
What a fantastic blog! Thanks for hosting!!

Carrigan's Joy
Toni said…
Just started reading the tips and feel as if I've already broken #14 with my {follows back} comment under my button.

Oh well, live and learn!
Slidecutter said…
Now this sounds like a keeper! Putting it on my list for our first barbeque of the year...once the snow melts..:(((

Happy Thursday lovelies!

Ms. Blasé said…
"2 dashes bitters (Angostura is the standard)"

I got lost right there and have no idea what this means. I'm off to Google to find out.
Thanks for hosting! :) Happy Thursday!

Morgan said…
Happy thursday everyone-it's 5 o'clock somewhere in the world! I am defo in the mood for sipping some serious cocktails tonight...high sleep...lots of booze! Happy Hour indeed :)
Caleb said…
Ha! I'm next to Rachel! Hi Rachel!

If you hate vending machines, or like the word "dewsh," read up today friends. Read up.

Caleb said…
Ha! I'm next to Rachel! Hi Rachel!

If you hate vending machines, or like the word "dewsh," read up today friends. Read up.

Anonymous said…
Doesn't really sound like the drink for me but for those who disagree with me, enjoy!

Happy Thirsty Thursday y'all!
Thanks for hosting girls!!! You are awesome! I linked up a fun coaster set you could put that Rosemary Cocktail on!! :)
Rachel said…
Fantastic drink looks yummy those late night hours a bit of Jack Daniels straight up comes to mind but if I let myself indulge glasses won't help me sew a straight line. Thanks for your blog ♥ Sincerely Rachel
Would love for you to follow us at Our Creative Hands
Martha (MM) said…
Adding this badge to my sidebar too :-)

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