Thirsty Thursday Blog Hop

ahhhhhhhhhh....who's ready to grab a drink and relax! i love me some frozen margaritas.

if you are a chili's lover, you can't beat their yummy frozen 2 for 1's. i happen to have a huge bag of frozen strawberries from sams that is perfect for a strawberry one but you can go ahead and make a berry or reg.

Ingredients for strawberry-
8 cups crushed ice
8 ounces frozen strawberries
6 ounces tequila
4 ounces frozen limeade concentrate
2 ounces Triple Sec

Put all in blender and Blend until smooth. Serve in chilled glasses with sugar on the rim. Garnish with strawberry or even throw some berries on top to give it a variety-

and if you want a virgin-feel free!


so link up, share a drink and make some friends! who's thirsty?


well-to-do said…
totally making a frozen marg tonight with MY frozen strawberries from sam's!!! thanks for the recipe, and thanks for hosting :)

suz from well to do
b. lee said…
lip smakin' recipe * thanx! chili's also had yummerz choc. milk shakes :D
happy friday eve all :D
TexaGermaNadian said…
Love me some Chili Presidente Margs! Great recipe :)
Slidecutter said…
Great recipe...reminds me of hot, lazy, summer afternoons.

Think I'll make one today and pretend it's not raining here...again.


Courtney J. said…
This is my first Thirsty Thursday blog hop. Hope you enjoy my blog! Can't wait to read all of yours...
Cheers with a cup of hot tea!
xxx mervi
Michelle said…
I linked up today and shared a drink recipe! I can't wait to visit everyone's blogs! Cheers everyone!
Morgan said…
Bring on margaritaville! Happy Thursday everyone!
Morgan said…
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Linking up today - can't believe I'm not already following you - I stop by often!

Anonymous said…
Today's my last day of classes (gotta love no Friday classes) so I totally need a strawberry margarita. Or a strawberry daiquiri. Sadly, I have no time to go to a bar by myself as I have two major projects to complete as my finals. Happy Thirsty Thursday all!
posidanielle said…
I need a margarita bad!!! That one from chilis looks delish!!
Amie said…
first blog hop. huzzah!
Rachel said…
Man, I need one of those now.
Ember said…
LOVE Chili's, when do they have 2fers?? Have a wonderful TT!! =)
Courtney said…
Love your blog, and I have to try that drink!!

I'm your newest follower via the blog hop! Thanks :)

Anonymous said…
OMGosh! Chili's has the BEST drinks! I worked there for 3 years when out of high school. Loved it :) I wish I had a snazzy drink recipe to share but I am boring & don't. I do know an amazing bloody mary recipe. Maybe when I get all the ingredients I can participate :)
Missy said…
I can't drink at the moment due to oain killers so I will live vicariously through you all!
Caleb said…
Happy Thursday, peeps!

Great blogs out there- I've really enjoyed making new friends from this site!

However, do I need to remind you of my research last week where I found out how many of you STILL HAD word verification on? Of 8 blogs I read, 7 did.

Turn it off!!! That was a 6- you don't want to see a 10.


PS my standing policy is that any comments I receive will be followed up by a visit from the Caleb fairy! Wait... take that last 'fairy' part back. Shoot.
chubskulit said…
Hi there, I am a new follower here.
I also link up at Spice Up Your Life
Wakela Runen said…
That looks so yummy! New follower.

Wakela's World
Shannon said…
LOVE this Thirsty Thursday!! I am a new blog hopper! Hope to see ya soon...
Celeste said…
Already drinking wine, but I'll have to do a margarita next week! Thanks for offering this blog hop...Stop by


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