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Tasty Tuesday

Hello friends! It feels like a quiet week in the blogging world... I think Japan is weighing heavily on everyone and winter has dragged on long enough. I've read a lot of posts about people having the blahs. Hopefully the two fabulous recipes (and blogs!) we're bringing to you today will give everyone a boost.

We will be starting off with a tasty treat that would make a perfect appetizer...Pepperoni Pinwheels brought to us by This Writer's Journey. These sound tasty and the recipe is simple! Please head over to grab it and be sure to leave her a comment while you are there.

After you've polished off those appies, you can fill up on this Lazy Day Stew. This is another recipe that is simple and yet delicious and get this... cooks up in about 10 minutes! You can't beat that. This pot of warm yumminess comes to us from Not Your Ordinary Agent, another wonderful blog we hope you will visit.

We hope you have a wonderful day and meet some fabulous bloggers. We can't wait to see what you are linking up and sharing with us. Thanks for another great Tasty Tuesday! XO (If you are interested in having a recipe featured on Tasty Tuesday, please email us!)



Mmmm, mmm. I think some new recipes can shake me out of winter blues completely. And ya'll are right, really quiet week here in bloggyland!
b. lee said…
can't wait 2 c what's cookin' & bakin' above!
Patty said…
Mornin' lovely people!

Spring arrives in just a few more days...can't wait!

Wishing you all a great day,

Jacqui' said…
Happy Tasty Tuesday everyone! The temp is about to go up here in Chicago. Time to start up the grill. not like it hasnt already been
Sara B. said…
Happy Tasty Tuesday! Linked up a Peanut Butter Cup cheesecake this week & looking forward to hopping around and drooling. :)
Kim of Mo Betta said…
I agree, Japan is def. on my mind, and spring needs to get here ASAP :) (supposed to be a fab weekend here in NC, so looking forward to it!)
Morgan said…
Japan is still warm in our hearts. Always so positive ladies! Loves you all :)

I am currently sitting at a desk above a smells of bacon! Looking over all the fabulous recipes, smellin' the pork, what could be next? Happy Tasty Tuesday.
Debbie said…
I just told hubby last night, I was so burned out on my recipes. So this Tasty Tuesday is just what I need today. Gonna go check them all out now!
mryjhnsn said…
yum! peperoni pinwheels!
Coupon Queen said…
Thanks for the fun Blog host! Have a great week everyone!
Unknown said…
I love a good ten minute recipe!!! The quicker the better! :)
Patty said…
Okay, somewhere along the way to work today, I lost my mind; should anyone find it, please return it to me at your convenience.

Just shared a recipe for Tasty Tuesday which should read...Orecchiete & Artichokes but...ol' Linky-dinky wouldn't let me put in all the letters. It came out all wrong.

The recipe is delish

Hugs, lovelies!

Ms. Blasé said…
I need to cook more so that I can participate :(
Kandy said…
Delicious!!!! Can't wait to give these a try... I think my kiddos would love the pepperoni pinwheels!!

AND, btw, I am loving the new FTLOB blog header!! Cuteness!!
Anonymous said…
Yay I was featured! And I'm going home for a double Spring Break today! Happy Tuesday everyone!

P.S. The pinwheels can be for any occasion. I made them for my brother's graduation party a couple years ago and recently for Christmas Eve. They were gone in seconds at both events!
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Alida Sharp said…
Tasty Tuesday is one of my favorite days of the week!!
The Knight Life said…
It is so good to post on Tasty Tuesday again! I hope I have time tonight to check out some of your yummy ideas!

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