Link Parties

friends! we had to bring this page here. we are allowing you to link up your parties. 

simply follow these steps to add yours:

Link To The Party Itself if possible.

Specify the Day you Host the Party and the Name of it in the description.

Include the Photo of that specific party button.
{parties only-all others will be deleted.}
-this is an ongoing link up! come back often to check out new parties-


Ready. Set. Let's Party.


Jen HaHA said…
Argh, I keep messing up when I link up. My "Fashion Blog Flash Mob" is a weekly link up party on random days. I did that because real flash mobs are unsuspecting. Although, I announce the date a week in advance so that's not very unsuspecting. I'm open to suggestions!

Now I shall explore your site and these other Linky parties! I just discovered this blog on the Linky Tools website. What a great idea to have a Linky Party for Linky Parties!

Come check out my 30! Jen Hemming and Hawing Again
Love this idea. Thanks for doing this party. I am still trying to get my name out there and plan to have a party every Friday and have it go until Sunday. But I don't have a ton of followers yet lol so the more I can advertise my party the better. So thanks again. You Rock ;)
Jen HaHA said…
Hi! I don't know if mine qualifies, so I understand if you delete it. It's meant to get bloggers to wear a similar item and pose similarly and look like a still shot of a flash mob when we link up. Have you heard/seen of them? They're crazy cool! YouTube has some. It's a DY, not DIY. Dress Yourself :D
Anonymous said…
My party button for my Saturday Swagger link up is the same as my blog button, hope this is ok! Thanks for hosting! :-)
Chrissy said…
Love it! Thanks for all your great ideas and the amount of work and effort you ladies put into this fabulous blog! You do so much for all of us! THANK YOU!
Hugs and love xxx
TexaGermaNadian said…
Just as I was thinking how great an idea this would be, ya'll come up with a great set up on the site. Thanks!!
Alida said…
What a great idea!!
Jennifer Bruno said…
Ooops, I actually linked before reading the instructions. Now, I don't know how to take myself down. Sorry. Someone needs to delete my trigger happy ass. :-)
shah wharton said…
What's the difference between a hop/link up/party? Not sure whether my weekend creation blog hop counts or not? I might put it up and just see if it remains there I guess? Once again, I know I keep saying this, but you ladies are the bomb! ;) Shah. X
shah wharton said…
Can't find the linky as it turns out? But it's linky issues I realise, I've had them over at my hop! Shah .X
Great idea girls!!! Thanks for a new link up! :)
victoria hughes said…
oops! forgot to add that the create something project is on sundays loves!
peace. love. create.
Jen HaHA said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jen HaHA said…
Sorry, I deleted my comment above about my Saturday Shout Out because upon trying to link, I realized that I don't have a button yet. I shall work on it. For now I'm linking my Fix-it Friday Linky party. I started this feature for myself because I'm always forgetting things in my posts. I decided to make it a Linky party for others to link up to posts where they fixed things, perhaps after anyone noticed. This is the opportunity to get the updated post read. Or, you can link up posts where you're actually talking about fixing things. I'm flexible!
I'm trying to create a button for my blog party - hop! And I went ahead and put my blog button down first! OOPS! Let me know what I need to do to fix that. Or if you click on my blog... perhaps by then my button or blog will be ready! Hope everyone has a good Tuesday! xo Brooke
shah wharton said…
I finally remembered to pop back and all is well so I popped up my little parties too. Thank you ladies for all you do to help us blogger's to commune. PLEASE feel free to come to my blog, the blog directory page and put all of your buttons and hops up too. I think I've put a few up there, but I'd rather individuals did it so the y get the correct link up etc. I'd be guessing. It's also awkward to do the thumnails.

Shah .X
OK, that´s my very first Link Party and I hope it will work :( :) LG Tina
Oops! I'm sorry, I totally goofed and uploaded the wrong linky up here. Sorry! Can you delete the one with the pot and picture tulips? Thanks!

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