i like you - a facebook page link up

well hello there again lovelies!  we hope you all are having a beautiful day ♥

we noticed that the twitter link up was quite the hit - if you haven't linked up and have twitter, what are you waiting for?!? go there now

we thought it would be fun to offer another link up for your facebook page. so go ahead and link to your pages so we have the opportunity to "like" you all.  please only link to your facebook page...all other links will be deleted.

ready. set. GO!



Yes please! My facebook page for the blog is brand new and unloved! LOL! ;-)
This is a great idea! I added my page..
Bloggin in PA said…
cool! i hope my link worked!
1ne Proud Mama said…
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Alex said…
This is awesome!!!!! Thanks girls


Very nice of you ladies! Thanks for all the work you do for us bloggers :)
xxx mervi
I love this link up! It's super easy to LIKE all of you and if your FB is above mine on the list, I do :).

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Crystal said…
Yay!! "Like" me!! They really "like" me!!! Actually not many "like" me...help me out!
Bobbi said…
I don't have one, but I love the link on the sidebar, it is so adorable! Just thought I would tell you that!
Kirstin Marie said…
Thank you so much for this! Awesome idea :) I'm going to get started on this list! :)
This is a great idea. My brand new facebook-page would really need some love and liking. Of course I like you all back, just leave a note on my wall. Thanks. And yes, I'm gonna grab a good cup of coffee and will start on the list.
Courtney K. said…
For whatever reason, I can't get the link to work. :-( But here's my page if anyone is interested. LOL

I added mine, (not showing yet,must be lag time). Checking links now :-)
Becky W said…
I liked everyone on the list and visited the ones I was already a liker of ..lol...phew last one on the list was #66 I will check back to make sure if any are added. :) Thank you for the hop.
Dacia said…
Thanks for this linky! I'm now a follower of this blog. I'm so excited to get liking and connecting with other blogs/FB pages :)

Maggie said…
Just went through the list and "liked" everyone!! Hope everyone takes the time to do the same. I would love to have more likes on my page.
Debbie said…
Accidently posted twice, the first link # 86 can be deleted put the wrong link. Sorry
Jacqui' said…
My page is extra lonesome.haha. Gonna be spreading the word. aka buying adverstisement.lol
Anonymous said…
My link-up didn't seem to work. :(
If interested please "like" me :)

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ChariT said…
Wow! What a wonderful blog!

Thanks so much!

~Be blessed!
Just when I thought FTLOB couldn't get ANY cooler, a Facebook linky? You guys rock, my FB is saaaad, lol.
Jen said…
great page! added my facebook link! still need help adding a button to my blog though - soon hopefully!
Jenn said…
I just created my page an need a few LIKES...thank you...I'm going through and liking many of the links here :)
Jamie said…
I created a page, but need some likes before I can link! (: I'll be liking blogs until then (:
Jamie said…
I added my page. (: I hope to get some "likes", it's a brand new page! "the spoken heart" haha my blog feels so official now :P
Nora said…
here's mine, anyone add me- I'm super friendly :] I love new friends, just let me know how you found me, aka from blogs and i will mark as so.
Jen said…
Thank you sooo much for hosting this, what a great idea!

Great idea! I still haven't hopped on the Twitter train so this is my only other social networking site! :)

xo, Kristen

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