Tasty Tuesday

Morning bloggers! We hope you enjoyed your long weekend and took full advantage of the extra day at home. Thanks to everyone who linked up with us last week for Tasty Tuesday, we can't wait to see what you've got for us today. Remember, you don't have a post a recipe to join in the fun but we would love to see your Tasty Tuesday posts if you have one.


If your house is anything like ours, football has been on constantly. So when I saw this Hoagie Dip from the fabulous ValSoCal, I knew I had to share it. Click here for the full recipe. It's like a sandwich in a dip. That's my hubby's version of heaven! You'll love Val's site too, please be sure to show her some of our famous comment love if you pop over.

Have you all taken the opportunity to link up at the top of the page? We have links to all the different types of blogs, be sure to get yours listed. If you love to bake, we have a special section just for that. We even have a place if you post gluten free recipes. Have a photo or fashion or parenting blog? We have a spot for everyone.

We have some shout out's for you today, we ask that you take a moment and pop over and say hello to these wonderful blogs.

Little Miss Old Fashioned
Jess is taking the old school approach to being the best housewife ever! Her recipes are from the heart and divine.
Little Miss Old Fashioned

Burnt Toast, kitchen ain't easy
Burnt toast is a collaboration of two fabulous ladies, Kristin and Lacey as they attempt to learn to cook. This is a new blog that could use some FTLOB support. 

The Menu Mama
Heather's a meal planning mama with delicious recipes to satisfy a whole family.

Ok I think we've given you enough to chew on for today. Let's head out and get hopping and see what everyone is cooking, eating or just blogging about today.




Jaimie said…
Love tasty tuesday! <3
b. lee said…
** happy tasty Tuesday, all **
I am looking forward to all the yummy recipes to try! Happy Tuesday everyone!
Val said…
I'm honored that you featured my recipe, thank you!
posidanielle said…
I hope everyone has a delish tasty Tuesday!! And I can't wait to try Val's recipe! Thank you for featuring it!
TexaGermaNadian said…
My dang internet! Sorry guys, didn't mean to post the badge twice :) Tasty Tuesdays is making me so hungry I think I am delirious :)
Katina said…
Thanks for hosting! Following you!
Yum.. that recipe looks delicious. I'm going to try it later this week.
Alida said…
Happy Tuesday and I am looking forward to finding something tasty to make for dinner!!
Ember said…
Happy happy!! That looks delish! thanks for sharing, I'm going to stop over at her blog! =)
Missy said…
I shared a really yummy one!
Erinsgobragh said…
That looks so awesome! MMMMMM!
a moderate life said…
Hi Ladies! I just happened upon your lovely blog hop and I am linking up a recipe for healthy and delicious buttermilk biscuits! I am following you in all possible ways and sent you an email! Hope you visit me at a moderate life and say hi! All the best! Alex
angie on maui said…
Is it just me or is anyone else hungry? ;)
Dianne_momstuff said…
Following you from Bloggy Moms. Come and visit me at http://mom-stuffcommunity.blogspot.com/
Dianne_momstuff said…
I can not wait to try this recipe. My stomach is literally growling from the picture and I didn't even know I was hungry.

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