Magical/Mixed Bag Monday

Welcome back friends. Thanks for being here. Hope everyone enjoyed their relaxing weekend. We have so many fun events in store for our lovely members. Today is Magical Monday and we're Co-Hosting over at Beckham and Bloom-Mixed Bag Monday as well. So waving those wands will be a double whammy. Do Not Forget to Enter The Header Giveaway from One Fine Blog Design. We've got a full design giveaway going on as well. Check out the blogs listed in the directory above and the meet up section where some may live right in your neighborhood.


We have no rules except following our blog etiquette on copy and pasted comments. Now start waving those wands at as many magical blogs as you can find! Your links will automatically be added to the Mixed Bag Hop as well, so stop over to meet and thank them for the linky. Be sure to check back often to scope out some fresh, new blogs.

Today's Shout Outs Go To -

Holly Days
KMButton - Shoes

Link Up! Grow Your Blogs and Make Friends along the Way! *Remember No Copy and Pastes!*

Enjoy the day!:) 


Branson said…
Have a great monday everybody! Look forward to finding some awesome blogs to read (as always!)
thefancyflea said…
Happy monday everyone! Off to discover some great new blogs :)
Happy Monday y'all! For those who have it, enjoy your day off!
Callie Mommy said…
Hi! Joining in on my first Magical Monday. Happy to find you and looking forward to reading more! Please come say hi at
I guess I'm in a different time zone coz when I saw this I was like, "Whoa!" Even though it is still Sunday here... "Happy Monday!" to you. :-)
Twisted Fate said…
Happy Monday Everyone!!

Renee Ann said…
I'm already a follower of your blog and joined the blog hop today. Happy Monday! (I'm from Doorkeeper at
Happy Monday! :)
xxx mervi
Thank you for the HOP! New follower to you ladies, adn also hosting a Random makings HOP myself on Friday! So please come and Join if you would like!

Ashley E
posidanielle said…
I hope that each and every one of you have a very magical Monday!
my shy thai said…
ohhh i think i just found a great new blog! ;-) thanks for cohosting the hop. now following your great blog.
Bobbi said…
Hey Ladies! Happy Monday! I just wanted to let you know I can't get the button to work today for some reason. BJ
Mo 'Betta said…
New follower!
Newest follower from the Hopp.. (=... Looking forward to more.and having you swing by Mommying On The Fly and paying us a visit too.. (=
b. lee said…
* * happy magical Monday all * *
Hockey Wife said…
Happy Magical Monday! Love all the new reading material I've found over the past few days. Thankful for these types of blog hops!
Alida said…
Happy Magical Monday!! And my goodness there are lots of blogs to read today!! Gotta get to it :-)
~Stacy~ said…
New folower, would love for you to follow back
Happy Monday friends!! WOW this is a HUGE link up today!!! :)
Tammilee said…
Thanks for this great hop! I am a new follower with GFC
I blog at
lindsay said…
hello lovelies! my goodness this link up list keeps getting longer and longer...i love it!

hope you all have had a very magical monday ♥
Kirstin Marie said…
Aww, yay! I got a shout out on this magical monday! Thanks! :)

Kirstin Marie

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