Magical Monday Blog Hop

Hello friends, it's the first Monday in 2011! Mondays to me always feel like a fresh start and put that Monday on the first day of a new year...well that's just magical! {I think Ash was drunk or tired when she whipped up this post} LOL, Love ya girl:)


A new year means new friends so let's get out there and start hopping. Please leave some comments pixie dust at each blog you visit. We encourage you to click our welcome link. It explains all the different ways you can get connected on this site. Although we have no rules to linking up, be respectful and courteous when stopping by new blogs. Asking and demading things, is not respectful. Neither is leaving a comment that has nothing to do with the post.

Today's Shout Outs Go To:

The Inklings of Life


The Coolest Family On The Block

Be sure to stalk like crazy and mention some new friends in your post today.

Happy Monday and Happy New Year! We can't wait to see what you guys have to share this year. XO


Shalyn said…
I love the new look, Vic and Ashley! Especially that we get to see your pretty faces over there<--:-)
AubrieAnne said…
YEAH FOR MONDAYS!!! Of course, I can only say this because I don't have to go to school or work on this fine Monday, and in addition, we have another wonderful blog hop!!

AubrieAnne @

PS> I too and really liking how you guys revamped the look of FTLOB. It's looking really great!
GabbyRM said…
Love the new look of the blog!
Isabelle said…
For the love of Blogs, I'm proud to say that I'm following you...nice community blog you have here=)
Ashley said…
Hahaha just realized how bad I flubbed up that first sentence. That truly would be magical since this is the 3rd! Oops! Xo
Poekitten said…
The new look is great:) Thanks for hosting all the hops!
Jessica said…
Love the new look and all of the great new blogs I'm finding through your hops!
Happy Monday! I love the new look..
victoria hughes said…
love the new layout and banner :)

peace. love. create.
pr0udmom0f3 said…
Happy Monday, everyone!! Oh wait, Monday's aren't supposed to be 'happy' are they? (=

Have a good week anywho!
Gina Alfani said…
Happy New Year . . . love the new design!

Just wanted to thank you for all that you do for your followers . . . I appreciate it!

Since I thought I didn't already have enough blogs, I started a new one . . . . . . stop by and add your blog hop buttons to the linky.

Have an awesome Monday . . . Gina
Anonymous said…
I'm doing my first Monday Blog Hop with you. I think there are plenty of exciting looking blogs to read. Yea!
Happy Magical Monday! Wow.. you two are always busy updating and changing the blog around. Looks good :)

A Whole Lotta Love,
posidanielle said…
The new look is great ladies!!! I hope that you both have a fabulous Monday!
This is officially now my favourite place to blog hop. (I've even made mention of it on my homepage) The new look is excellent - very chic.
'Hoppy Monday!'
Miss Sara said…
Happy Monday! I tend to use EVERYTHING as a new start, a new beginning... sometimes minutes & seconds in a day, depending on how trying that particular day is. :) Enjoy your week!
lindsay said…
hello monday!!! :) i'm off to spread some pixie dust ♥ thank you for the wonderful motivation as always.

love you guys!

Rachel said…
Love love love the new layout! Happy Monday lovelies!!

Crystal said…
Happy Monday! I'm excited because the kiddos went back to school today!! And daddy went back to work! Luv em...but my house was suffering!
Lula said…
Happy Monday girls! I recently discovered your blog and I have to say I'm loving every minute of it. WELL DONE, you guys are splendid!
Just found this blog. I love reading blogs! Thanks for hosting.
Susi said…
Cool stuff! I hope I'm getting this right. To be a member I only need to follow by GFC? And then I do the rest as time allows? Nice idea!
Alida said…
Happy Monday everybody!!!
Anonymous said…
LOVE the new look, ladies! Monday is ending and I missed the hop. I was busy crashing my minivan into the garage. Of course I blogged about it! See you tomorrow!
Happy New Year. I am your newest follower.
Have a great week.

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