Weekend Wander Blog Hop

Welcome to another round of low key wandering. We're glad your chillin' with us and making new friends. Link up and hop around to as many blogs as you'd like. Follow blogs that interest you and take a moment to actually read their post and comment sincerely. Don't leave a comment like this: "Following you. Now come follow me." I often let those comments slip and we ignore them. But it's getting on every ones nerves now. Are you that selfish that you have to hurry up and leave such an appalling, inconsiderate comment. That's just rude and we don't encourage that. In fact, we don't even want you to be a part of this community if that's all your willing to do. Feel free to unfollow. Remove yourself and good luck with blogging.

Moving on. We have no rules to linking. Just have fun and make this a relaxing, nice experience. I wanted to let everyone know that if you linked up to The Blogs We Love page, you can also link under the other categories above. Nominate a fellow blogger for next month and I'm being lazy and not linking you up there. Everything is under the header. Thanks for being here and sharing your blogs with us GROOVY people. Enjoy the weekend.



Katie said…
Hi, I am a new follower from the Weekend Blog Hop! I am really new to blog hops and I was thrilled to wonder from one into another. Thanks so much, Calamity Kate
Chihuahua Girl said…
Hi! What a wonderful place to come and find great blogs! Thanks for hosting the blog hop. I am now following you.

I would like to invite you to stop by my blog. I am doing a Holiday Pet Blog Hop with lots of GIVEAWAYS! :-)

Have a fabulous day!

Park Avenue Chihuahua
Alex said…
Thank you for addressing the issue about those types of "comments" and "followers" I thought I was the only one that felt this way.
Shannon said…
How fun! Thanks for hosting a great hop that's easy! Happy weekend to all!
Shannon said…
Oh and amen on the comment thing! Like you, I tend to ignore hasty comments like that! Sweet thoughtful comments on the other hand, make my day!
AJ said…
WooHoo another place to make new friends! Glad to have found you all.
Jumping Jack said…
Thanks for hosting! This is my first time to participate in this hop, but I hope to find some fun, new blogs to follow!

Kudos to you for addressing the comment issue. It is terribly rude to request a follow.

Have a great weekend!
Alida said…
It always feels awkward to me to request a follow...it is good to know that it bothers other people too.
Great blog!

I just found your blog through the Weekend Blog Hop! Have a great weekend.

Amanda @ www.nutritionistreviews.com
Dianne said…
I've been on the computer about 10 years (not all at one time!) but I'm new to blog hopping. I have no idea what to do or how to do it! So, I plan to read the blogs, and gather info until I feel comfortable enough to "hop in"!
Ashley said…
You go girl. :)
Fruity Lashes said…
awesome blogs! love what you're doing.

btw, check out my blog and holiday giveaway http://www.fruitylashes.com/fruity-lashes-holiday-giveaway-1145/

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