Thirsty Thursday

This week is flying by, it's already Thirsty Thursday! With the weekend coming up, we think it's time to grab a cocktail and do some hanging out.


This week's drink is a French 75. I had the pleasure of trying this cocktail out for the first time recently and it sure goes down smooth.  It's easy to make but fancy enough for the holidays. We strongly encourage you all to join us in having one of these tasty treats while hopping around and making new friends!

Here's how to make it. You'll need:

- ice
- a shot of vodka plus a little extra
- some simple syrup (sugar dissolved into water) - about a half a shot
- lemon juice - about a half a shot
- champagne

Fill a shaker with ice, pour in vodka, simple syrup and lemon juice. Shake well and strain in to a glass. Fill the glass with champagne and serve. And drink. And drink.

Today's featured blog is Journey Through a Fulfilling Life - Vedette describes her blog as a "the magical story of a pagan, unschooling family." Be sure to head over and check out her blog and see what she's drinking!

Now grab a cocktail and link up. Don't forget to leave some comment love for anyone you visit and if you want to mention our new friend Vedette, we know she'd appreciate it!


eof777 said…
Hello there,
I just discovered your blog hop on Bassgiraffe's blog... I am following your blog and will visit and do same for your featured blogger. Have you let your followers know of your hop?
Sending you best wishes for a successful hop.
VedetteTX said…
Thanks so much for featuring my blog today! Something strange and horrible happened to my Thirsty Thursday post and I didn't notice it until this morning. But it's fixed now! :)
Vic said…
Ashley....this sounds like something I'd live off like my amaretto sours (which btw...are getting old) I'M GONNA grab some this weekend:) thanks so much! yum...

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