Tasty Tuesday


This is an amazing time of year for food, we are surrounded by holiday treats and what we are cooking is warm and comforting! We have some good old fashioned lasagna on the menu for you today. This is lighted up a little with turkey and a different type of creamy sauce. Check out the full recipe here. This lasagna is always a crowd favorite.


Doesn't that look delish? So tell us, what's on your plate this Tasty Tuesday? We'd love for you to link up and share something tasty...a recipe, a menu, a treat you are dreaming about? Of course we don't follow too many rules here so if you are not feeling hungry today, we encourage you to still link up. We always love to hear what you have to say, food related or not. (Are we the only ones who think of food all the time?!)

If you have a recipe that you'd like shared on Tasty Tuesday, please submit your post link in the comments section. Each week we'll grab a recipe from the previous week and showcase it.

So let's get cookin'! Have a great day and happy hopping! Please be sure to read our blogging tips so you know the way we like our blog hops handled. Thanks!


Kerbi said…
I'm officially hungry for lunch and it's 5:30AM! That looks so good!
djpr said…
Wow, that looks sooo yummy! I need to find my recipe for peach or apple dumplins! They're so easy, only a can of biscuits and the fruit and OMG to die for, but alas, I might need to call the dreaded mother in law to get it again since I can't find it! Bleeeeh.

Thanks for the hop sweetie, you are fantabulous! Period.

<3 Donna
Alida said…
mmmm... lasagna!!
CentsLessDeals said…
I'm a new follower, it would be great if you would follow me too!! http://centslessdeals.blogspot.com/

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