Fab Friends Friday Blog Hop

What a week my friends. We survived another. Phew. Welcome. If your new here {and even if your not} grab a cup, relax and look around. Above we have our directory pages. Please link your blogs. This is where we pull our features. For a full post feature, head here. Cast your votes for Blog Of The Month. Seriously. Three votes. Get with it people. This is a blog loving community. Not one to just follow and not participate or never show your face again. Our goals are to bring blogs together. Nominate your fellow bloggers and get involved.

And that leads to successful blogging tips. Feel free to add your own in a comment and we will update the list.

Friday's are fab friends day. We pick a blog to feature and encourage you to add this friend to your post somewhere. A simple "shout out" mentioning your new fab friend with a link to their blog. It's a great way to show some love and make a new friend.


Today's Fab Friend is Me & You & Kaylee Sue

A fabulous mom to a beautiful little girl and a wife trying to fulfil her nursing career. Head over, meet a fab face and make a friend.


Have a nice day and head back tomorrow for Weekend Wander!


pr0udmom0f3 said…
Happy Friday, everyone! I'm on a "proud mom" high today, so forgive me for the bubbly nature this morning. (=
Vic said…
No need to apologize:) we love happiness! have a good weekend!
djpr said…
Ooooh, now I'm curious! Must go read about the "proud mom" high!

After I find the linky to put the hop on my pages, I think I'm still halfway asleep.....not good since I have to drive for an hour and a half now to pick the youngling up from school and take her to work and drive back home!

<3 Donna

Vic lovey, you're the bestest. Just sayin!
Alida said…
The linky isn't loading for me right now... gotta come back later :-(
Loving the blog hop idea...I think I must do this, thanks for sharing!

Liesl :)
Heather said…
Thanks for featuring me! :) I am really enjoying the daily fun!

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