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Fab Friends Friday

Can I get a TGIF. Whooo Hooo. That's a holler out to all you awesome For The Love of Blogs fans. We are Fun and Fab. We sure know how to support each and every member, so join us for a blog loving site like no other. Friday's are perfect for unwinding and Finding new blog buddies. Many of us know our fellow bloggers like the back of our hands and we run into them frequently on all the many blog hops out there.

So here.....We're gonna Make Our Blog Hops Fun and Interesting. Your welcome to join the chaos thrill and take a minute to jump in. Yeah...yeah...I know we're all busy. I won't take up too much of your time. I promise.

We'll be mentioning a Blog randomly and You should definitely Stop by, say Hello and tell them your from FOR THE LOVE OF BLOGS. If you wish to follow, tell them your now following and their blog is FAB. Kindly state something about their post as well. There's nothing more annoying than a copy and pasted comment. The blogs we're mentioning will kindly comment back and follow if they wish.

If you like this game, take today's featured blog and link their blog anywhere in your post for today. Place the link anywhere in your post and put a throw off phrase like, This is My New Fab Friend, go say HI.

We'll be including this fun phrase link in all of our blog hops here and each member will get a chance for some major exposure.

Today's Fab Friend is Tanya at A Taste of T.

She's gonna be a mom soon. Congrats to her and her husband. Now go. Link up and share the love. Follow as many blogs as you'd like and mention your new friend today.



Unknown said…
I love how spunky this blog is and so happy I came across it. Keep up the energy, it's beautiful!! Happy Friiiiday!!

Atypical Scott said…
Found it. exnay on the commentay on the other blogay.

Someone told me about this place.
I hear its some of the best comedic satire you will find...and apparently helps people sleep better at night. Don't believe me? Here is an actual comment from someone in India.

U r welcome Scott, u know I am chuckled until is 01:36 a.m in my country, now I can sleep peacefully after reading yr funny story....I really thank u for that, not a lot of people can make such a funny story, it is happened in our life...simple but you make people love and happy reading it

I make people love...THAT is the power of atpical reads people.
Unknown said…
Next time I am gunna join in on one of these..But for now I am following u

Looking forward 2 reading more of your blog& check mine out when u can
Heather said…
Great idea. Too late for me. I will remember to play along next week. But I will hope over and meet T. Thanks.
Jeska said…
I'm already a huge fan of Tanya's blog! But I put the button on my page and I'll link up to meet others!
Blog said…
thank you, it is cute tool to link these blogs

Moroccan desert
Donna said…
Happy Friday indeed! This was just what I needed to brighten my day. Have loved all the blogs I've been to so far and have yet to pass up on following one of them. Fantastic site, I'm so going to pass this along to my blogging friends!

Keep up the great work!
Alida Sharp said…
Heading over to meet T. I love your blog by the way... looks like a lot of fun things are happening here!
Kenna said…
Newest Follower of Fab Friends! Great blog!

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