While I love blogging, tweeting and all things social media; I've adapted to the one I love the most: INSTAGRAM!!!!

it's the NUMBER ONE place to find inspiration, post your daily photos, meet great friends and also earn some extra CASH on the side. Now don't get me wrong, you may never become a millionaire but you sure as hell can get a little spending cash your hubby doesn't need to know about......!

My love for taking photos has led me to some amazing fellow igers who've really become some of my closest friends. I get non stop messages asking if i want to partner, buy or sell. And to be TOTALLY honest......I never even thought of doing any of those whenever I post a pic until now!

 Like really?! People make money off this?! 


1.) Build your following. You can easily grow your insta followers by using hashtags and using them wisely. Having a niche and hashtags go hand in hand. Both of them together will get you instafollowers! 

2.) Take GOOD pics. People are attracted to bright colors and white backgrounds. Think about the lighting when taking photos and making sure everything is clear. Spruce it up with a filter and using that filters hashtag too! 

3.) Bio. Your Bio is important. A little about your instagram and a link or email to contact you is crucial if you want someone to contact you about selling, partnering, etc. If you have items for sale in your pics, simply state that in your bio: "All products are for sale, inquire within!" or something will let buyers know you're selling! 

4.) While you want to sell a product, don't give it away.....meaning don't write the price in the description of the post. If people are interested, they will leave comments or message you asking how much something is. You don't want to put it all "OUT THERE!"

5.) Hashtags. Did I mention that in number one? YES! use the HELL out of them. Posting too many pics throughout the day is annoying but HASHTAGS are NOT! use them so much and begin knowing how and what hashtags to use per pic! if you're trying to SELL something, use hashtags like #forsale, #buy, etc

6.) Don't post more than 3 photos a day. Space them out and don't post more than 3 a day. It's like a meal. If you post a ton of pics throughout the day, you'll LOSE followers and how the hell are you supposed to sell anything if you don't have followers!? I'm serious when I say this. Stick to the 3 PIC/DAY rule and you'll love me!!!

7.) Open a closet account. A separate account for all things you want to sell is great if you don't want that mixed in with your personal lifestyle. 

8.) Treat it like a real business. After all, it is! Keep your word, ship on time and be professional.  

9.) Communication. Interact with your followers via comments, messages, etc. Don't ignore. Talk. Create a trust and bond between you, the seller and the buyer. 

10.) Take different payment options. Square reader is awesome. Swap items's fun!

While there's a whole mess of tips on how to sell on Instagram; These are just some that may help you! Good luck...and share your insta accounts below in the comments!!! 


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