How to Make the Best Coffee

I'm super obsessed with perfecting my at home coffee making because all in all; I am a coffeeholic! A couple of years ago while I was working at a Dunkin Donuts, I was introduced to the famous "Turbo" shots. It's a shot of espresso in your regular coffee (for those who know nothing about coffee!) Hesitantly, I allowed a gal working with me to put one in my iced coffee! Holy Sinfullll. It was amazing. I was now hooked on what she called, "Crack in a Cup!"

I'm an all around drinker, so for me trying new kinds of coffee is kinda my thing. While I will say that black coffee is my least favorite, I realize a lot of people LOVE black coffee. If you're trying to behave on calories then my suggestion would be to add a teaspoon or two of sugar and leave it sitting on the bottom of the cup instead of stirring it: it's not bad!

if you follow CoffeeAddictMama on Insta, then you may have already watched her video on how to make the best coffee! it's awesome, strong enough yet simmer enough, giving you the right amount of in-between flavors if you're new to coffee (and a lot of people are!)

here's a cup of joe with these ingredients:

i use the Nespresso machine at home and absolutely love it. there are lots of varieties to choose from, it's easy to use and actually nice by itself but if you want a full cup of coffee then brew your favorite (mine is folgers) and add the shot with some cream and sugar to blast off your best cup early in the morning or as a nice evening treat!

how do you like your coffee? or are you a newbie and need some tips on becoming a famous coffee addict?


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