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I’m Sam. And saying hello just doesn’t cut it for me; but seeing that you are most likely miles and miles away, and are unavailable to hug. I will simply say hiya.
I spew my emotions and thoughts over at While in my teens. I'm a sarcastic, outgoing, witty sixteen year old trying to get by in this crazy thing we call life. I am currently a Junior in high school. AKA. I'm the one in the middle that is too cool for the sophomores but I don't even compare to the seniors. Blunt is my middle name (not really, it's Jean) and writing is my game.
I love who I am!
I believe in loving yourself and mocking others who don't. I adore being a teenager even though it has it's insane ups and downs. I only have 1,171 days until I am no longer a teenager! I can't even imagine. 20? How the time flies. I can already feel the wrinkles setting in.
It may seem like I am the most perfect teenager to ever greet this planet, I know I know. But I'm going to be humble and say you are slightly wrong. Once and a while I get a zit. (See picture below). I have troubles that men can't even fabricate. *Wink Wink.* (Do I hear an amen?!) I'm blonde and tall, thus the judgement of being a dumb blonde is often inflicted upon me. I'm slightly addicted to this heavenly drink called Dr. Pepper. And I often find myself taking it back to the second grade and calling people weenies.
Did I mention Sarcasm?
Pretty much this is all that falls out of my mouth. If you read my blog and are offended, please please PLEASE, know that I am probably joking. 90% of what comes out of my mouth is sarcasm. 8 % is crap, and the final 2% is serious.
Come along with me on my journey through teenhood. (Is that a word? Oh well.) You have either been a teen, you currently are one, or you are one of the less fortunate that puberty hasn't even hit because you are still a tween. (Bless your soul.) Through my blog you are able to relive your past, relate, or prepare. I hope the teen you is having as much fun as I am. I can't wait for 1,171 more days of being a teen. Pray for me.
So stop by While in my teens and take a peek or two.
Two would be good.
Seriously, take two.


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