Welcoming Our New Blog of the Month

Phew! December, where did you come from? I love our new design, don't you?! Thank the lovely Miss Sweta and Let's Introduce y'all to a wonderful new blog being fabulously featured for the entire month of December right here on the very top of our site! Meet:

that's her blog name, but her name is Little. and she's pretty spectacular. i love her little saying right as you enter her blog......"What is Life without Mistakes?" Gosh, how true and nice to hear each day. which is why visiting her each day for the rest of time should be on your list. you'll absolutely relate, connect and make a new friend. And of course what I love the most, is her cussing....yes! it's true. i'm a cusser and love to find those like moi.

so you ask, what is so special about BOTM here at FTLOB? well, we expose your blog more than anything {even sponsors} {shhhhh...don't tell them} with a welcoming post, an ad of some sort throughout the site {near the top}, several tweets and mentions and so much more.....we get our members involved in meeting new faces and nominating your great blogs, so head here to nominate for Jan 2012---Huh? 2010 was just yesterday---Life man, I'm telling ya!



Sweta said…
I have a feeling I'm going to fall in love with that blog. hello! I'm a cusser as well ;)
Ms POSH said…
Following by from the Thursday Hop to say hello.
Have a great day!
KY said…
Liesl said…
Absolutely love love love the new look! Gonna go check out Little at "Romantically Challenged" right now. xxx

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