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We asked Jackie to answer some fun questions:

What do you do to pamper yourself on the days you have off?

SLEEP. So much sleep. I also flip through my favorite blogs and sites, try to get outside to see something other than a computer screen, and on days when I'm feeling fancy/pretentious: stopping by the Art Institute of Chicago for a good dose of art and a coffee in the Member Lounge.

When I was a kid, I remember: way better Disney Channel Original Movies. Why did they get so bad?

My daily fix is: Diet Coke

My dream shop would be: I would love to sell little treasures that I find during my travels around the world -- vintage postcards, textiles, weird or cute little souvenirs. I am also a huge DIY-er, which I rarely get to write about since my blog is mainly about travel, so I'd love to sell some of the things that I sew and put together in my spare time. Maybe one day I'll stop fearing the post office so much and get my act together.

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Jackie D said…
Wow you guys are fast! Thanks so much for having me and for this awesome post :)

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