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We asked:

What do you do to pamper yourself on the days you have off?
On Saturdays and Sundays I'm all about sleeping in until 9:00. Oh yeah. I love to cuddle by the fire, play Scrabble, and I'm always changing my nails. Nail art is a huge passion of mine!

When I was a kid, I remember mixing NesQuick with my vanilla ice cream to make delicious chocolate soft serve!

My daily fix is ... kind of silly. I'm not a coffee addict or anything, but I love playing Words With Friends. Challenge me! My username is Anneliiise.

If you could have your dream shop what would it be, describe it.
Well, I love nail polish, nail art and makeup. I'd probably have a small nail salon with a boutique in front that offered makeup, recycled clothing, accessories, and of course... polish!
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Katie said…
She's adorable! Definitely going to check out her blog :)
I love me some Annelise! She's a sweetheart to the bone :)
mmmhhh... If I had my dream shop... It would be a clothing store. Ha! A world wise famous but inexpensive clothing store and I would be shipping all my product to every part of the earth! Yup... that's a good shop...


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