Sponsor Love: We Took the Road Less Traveled

we asked some fun questions

Question 1-What do you do to pamper yourself on the days you have off?
On my days off I like to veg out, enjoy a glass of wine, and catch up on all my shows stored up in the DVR! I currently have an unhealthy obsession with The Vampire Diaries and Modern Family re-runs. I also love to travel when I get a free weekend with the hubby! Living in Germany is perfect for sight-seeing day trips!
Question 2-When I was a kid, I remember
Grabbing my little sister, popping on the rollerblades, and heading down to our basement to "ice skate"! We had a concrete floor in our basement growing up and my sister and I would spend HOURS down there pretending we were figure skaters (in the Olympics, of course) just skating around and making up routines to Mariah Carey songs. We were totally awesome at it. Do you think I can skate these days? Not a chance. I've since traded my gold medal dreams for two left feet and a cracked tail bone. Story of my life.

Question 3-My Daily Fix is
Facebook. You thought I was going to say coffee or something, right? Nope. I'm a total Facebook junkie. Helps me feel connected with everyone back home in the states. It's a totally healthy addiction, promise!

Question 4-If you could have your dream shop {or if you already do} what would it be, describe it.
I'm a born and bred Southern girl with an affinity for beautiful things, so that's what I'd fill my dream shop with! Lots of lace, burlap, and vintage looking pieces that ooze Southern charm. I'm testing out the crafty DIY waters as we speak, so maybe check back for a shop sometime in 2012?! Fingers crossed!



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