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--we asked these fun questions for you--
What do you do to pamper yourself on the days you have off?
I make myself the biggest cup of tea possible, cuddle up on our big couch, and catch up on my DVR. After filling my brain with such thought provoking shows such as Project Runway and The Vampire Diaries, I take a long bath and read a few pages of whatever book I'm reading at the time. Is there anything better than taking a bath in the middle of the day? I think not. This is all happening while simultaneously running after my children, of course, so it's in small doses. But I try to get a dose, nonetheless.
When I was a kid, I remember being surrounded by cousins and playing for hours in the woods behind our house. We used to build the most elaborate forts and go fishing in the creek on our property. We played until our mamas called us in for supper, our imaginations running wild, our lungs full of fresh air, our laughter filling the trees. It was the best.
My daily fix is black tea and the newspaper before anyone else wakes up. Those few minutes of quiet, catching up on the news, starting my day with a little peaceful moment.
If you could have your dream shop {or if you already do} what would it be, describe it.
My best friend and I have big dreams to someday start our own line of natural skin care products. I'd love to have a space filled with local made goods: soaps, candles, jewelry, a co-op for local makers of natural things. Now if I can just convince my husband to let me buy a couple of goats...


Dom said…
I asked the same question on my facebook page a few months back...

My idea of pampering myself on my days off is curling up in a big, comfy seat with an extra hot, soy chai latte. I start off by going to the website of my favorite photoblog ( and when I'm done with that, I read a few chapters of a good book.

Anonymous said…
Always a pleasure to visit Liv blog and nice to read a bit more here! Hot tea and bath with a good book, this is surely the thing I like the most!
A beautiful day to all.

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