The Run-On Sentences of Life

Greetings from ...The Run-On Sentences of Life...!
My name's Jodie-Ann and I'm sixteen years old. I look like this:
Look how sexy I am. LOOK.
See Robert Pattinson in the background? I love him.
So, basically I blog about my days. My wonderful and sometimes crappy days of being a teenager. And, sometimes, I vlog. If I'm not too lazy.
I blog about being with friends often. Mostly Jasmine because she's... well... special.
Jasmine. :)
I also blog about the silly things I do.
Honestly, Scream is so hot.
And, I blog about how annoying it can be to live in Qu├ębec, Canada.
I started blogging in June, 2010. Since then, my blog has grown a lot and I'm super proud of it. It's like my baby!
So, drop by and say hi! I love making new blogging friends :D

My blog:;

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{K} said…
Great post! I'm a new follower of your blog, Jodie-Ann. :)

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