Picture Perfect: Red

Hello there! How is everyone doing this fine day? Ready for the holiday weekend? It's going to be the perfect opportunity to get out that camera and snap some memories.
Over on FTLOB community we held our weekly photo challenge and the topic this week was RED. The interpretations that came from this were fascinating. So many smart creative people here!
We chose Hi_D's (Random Hi_D) photo for this week. Isn't it awesome? Great work Heide!

And once again, thanks to those of you who participated. You are the cream in our coffee...the Ying to our Yang...the, oh never mind. What we are trying to say is we can't have a successful photo challenge without you. So thank you! 
Check out the next challenge over on the We Love Photography Group and upload a photo for us all to see. I always look forward to seeing every one's creativity shine. If you don't plan on showing one of your own images, be sure to drop a comment on the other photos there. Tell us what you think of them. Get a conversation started. Meet new friends.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Oh my gosh! This is soooo freakin' awesome!
Thank you FTLOB...
*smiles with teeth... and gums*

Danielle Leal said…
That photo is so beautiful! I love it!
Abi said…
Loooove the photo.

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