Featured Blog-Happy Bow lucky

Hellooooo, blog friends! :)
So nice to meet all of you.

I'm Chelsea and I blog over at www.happybowlucky.blogspot.com!

Please come check it out sometime.
I promise to make you feel REAL welcome.
Back to the good stuff.

I'm 19 years old.
I love Jesus with ALL of my being.
I'm ALMOST engaged to this guy pictured below! :)

(I know, I know. Gorgeous. And hilarious, too.)
I have the best family ever.
I have a heart for missions.

And I'm currently going to school online to be a teacher.
But I don't want to be a teacher anymore.

(Wanna know why?)
Come on over!!

(That's an evil smiley face. ^^^ In case you were wondering.)

What else?
OH! I just recently started blogging.
So if you come SOON…
you will have hardly missed a THING!
And I promise it only gets more interesting.

I mean, what is more interesting than me being a 2-headed monster? NOTHING. That's what.
(I'm the one on the right.....)
I have such good stories to tell!
Things like….
My boyfriend throwing dirt in my mouth…. (He's such a sweetheart.)
Catching my mom & dad doing Turbo Jam together…. (Hilarious.)
My awesome BLONDE moments.
Like mixing ingredients by HAND – quite literally!
(Which EVERYONE loves to make fun of me for!)
Or that one time I....
Nah. I think I'll save that story for later. ;)

(This was me in high school, btw. No jokes, please.)
I am sharing it JUST because I think it's hilarious.
And if you wanna know the story behind it, just COME TO MY BLOG! :)

It's a lot of fun.
I promise you'll have a good time.

(Did I mention I like to fish? No? That's because I don't! I just grew up doing it. My family does
it, my boyfriend does it, and I occasionally do it. I like to be on the water, but I hate catching fishies. And putting the worms on hooks. Poor fishies. Poor worms.)

Better get your booty on over.
Follow me!
On bloglovin'.
I don't have FB right now.


Come by!
Introduce yourself.
Feel relaxed and at home.

I promise it will be worth your while. :)
And let's be friends.

chelsea leigh

P.S. The first 2 pictures of me are recent!
But the rest of these pictures are like SUPER old.
Like.... a few years worth.
I never have anyone around me when I'm looking good enough for pics. :)
But it will get better.

Hope to talk to you soon! :)



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