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Since many of you are FB fans and most have this little gadget built into their phones, we'd love to get more involved in our wall to wall activity. Our FB Link Up is a great way to gain "Likes," so link up anywhere possible and get your fb pages going. What about a Friday Facebook Link-Up?

What we'd like to know is what kinds of questions/topics you'd like to talk about on the wall more often? and what we'd like to see is our members jumping in and starting wall conversations, mingling and connecting with the other blog lovers.

Don't be shy! Start a convo and get involved, ask/respond to wall activity and meet some other bloggers just like you!

What you can expect from us :

More Tips, Advice, Daily Convo, Personal Photos of Myself and Family, Q&A, FAQs, and much more. Come on...u know you're a FB junkie!


Yvonne said…
I photo-blog (is that even what it's called?) and so my Facebook is usually just an extension of my photos from the blog. Plus the occasional quote or random thought from me :) I love the idea of making them more interactive!
Sinea said…
I would love to participate in some Facebook hops! We all will benefit from boosting our group of fans. Count me in!
We've loved finding great, inspiring bloggers through this link up.

I love when people share other bloggers posts on their FB pages related to inspiring others. It' the best.

Happy seeing beautiful!

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