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Well hello there lovely bloggers! We all think it's important to show some comment love especially since most weeks are way too busy for us to return the love, read or catch up on our most favorite blogs here. Comment Love is all about Support, visiting new blogs and catching up on some of our oldies.

To Join:

1.) Leave a comment Here on this post. Introduce yourself and tell us a little about you, what you're doing, what your blog is about, etc.....Leave extra links if you wish.

2.) Visit the Blog's Comment In Front of your Comment. Leave a genuine comment on their posts and stalk them for a bit, get to know them.

3.) Stalk a few more blogs on the comment list below if you wish--

4.) Return the love when you get a moment. Be sure that you allow name/url or anonymous as a comment option in your settings because we're still experiencing difficulty commenting when you have your comments embedded below the post. Switch to pop up if you can and TURN WORD VERIFICATION OFF, please!

Now go....comment LOVE!


Bobbi said…
I hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday! Stay warm! ♥ BJ
Olivia Grace said…
Happy Sunday everyone!! Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful Christmas season!!!
Adriana Iris said…
Have an awesome Sunday!
Good night! Coz it's already 11:23 here, where I am in the world. But anyway, have a blessed Sunday night to everyone...

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Yvonne said…
Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday :D It's only early& I've already finished shooting a session's bitter cold out there!
Breanna said…
Hi'm Breanna & I blog at My Beautiful, Crazy life over anything pertaining to my journey through life to fashion.

Hope you scoot on over & say hi! I'd love to get to know you!
I wish everyone a Happy Sunday and holiday season. My blog is a personal blog. Please check it out. The URL is
Barb said…
Good morning! I blog at I'm trying to keep my head above the water line at the moment. Please tell me I'm not alone! Stealing a few moments today to meet other new bloggers...
Vic said…
Hey! I'm Vic and I mostly blog about my photography adventures but other stuff finds its way in too.
Always pleased to meet more bloggers so come say hi!
Halina said…
I'd love to meet some new bloggers! I blog over at Moments of a Libra.
A lovely Sunday to all FTLOBers!!

Halina @Moments of a Libra
Hi Bloggers,
I'm Tammy and I blog about my life in San Diego, fun times with my boyfriend and friends, style, good food, and the occasional travel post.

Check it out :)
Sammyjoe said…
hi ladies, My name is Sammyjoe and I blog over at Ebony Delights. I hope you're enjoying this lovely sunday. I love to read and here's a link about what I've been reading
Christy said…
Good morning! I'm Christy, a soon to be 25 year old living in New York. I blog about 25 things I want to do before I turn 25, my passions for running, baseball and international travel. I'm finishing up my Master's this May and looking forward to what the next year will bring! Check it out and Happy Holidays!
Hey everybody! I'm Melissa; an english loving dancer! Help me receive the teen dancer top dance blogger award and read my latest post on how I met a famous dancer earlier today! Dance is my world and I am nothing without it, so have a happy Sunday! p.s, I'm friendly + don't bite. (-:
Melissa, xox!!
{K} said…
Good morning! I'm Karen. I'm a wife and stay-at-home mom to two toddlers. I blog over at Our Little Corner.
Riley said…
Hello Everyone! My name is Riley - I'm a 21 year old college senior just trying to find my way through life. I'd really love to make some new friends over on my blog Fickface!

Happy reading and have a wonderful Sunday! <3
Shane Prather said…
Finally Sunday again! I look forward to this day every week :)My name is Shane and lately I've been taling about the power of giving rather than recieving this holiday season. Looking forward to visiting many new blogs!
S. Christie said…
Hi lovelies. :)

I'm S. In my blog, As Far As The Eye Can See, you'll see quotes I can't get enough of, songs I have on repeat, and thoughts I need to get out in the open. Can't wait to meet some of you.

Happy Holidays.
Kaity said…
Good morning blogger ladies!

I'm Kaity and I blog at ...and all these twisted thoughts I see, Jesus there in between...

I was recently a featured blog here on FTLOB and I'm still riding high and counting my tremendous blessings!

Have a beautiful Sunday :)
Vanessa said…
Happy Sunday bloggers :)
Stop by and visit..right now I am blogging about life, the holiday's, cancer & our new kitty..quite the combo hey!
I love new sure to link up your blogs too!

Randi said…
Hi all. I am Randi from A Modern Day Fairy Tale. I am a Christian Marine Wife and an Autism mommy living in Southern California. My blog is about my life with my boys and everything that comes with it! With an occasional book review thrown into the mix as well.
rose water said…
Hi lovely follow bloggers!

You're welcome to visit all of my blogs :-)

Two of them are:

rose water
- About my daily life, thoughts, struggles, love for Islam, Bloggersisterhood etc.

Tea Time Benefits
- The blog for you if you are a tea lover, just like me! :-)
Danielle said…
Hi everyone! My name is Danielle and I blog at Mostly Food and Crafts.
Hi ladies,

My name is Kristen and my blog is KristenDanieleXO. I talk about crafts,recipes, book, and everything in between. Stop by and say hello :)

Liza said…
Hey Yo! I blog over at Happy Lizard Hill about crafts, upcycling and whatever else might seem amusing enough to share. Hope you'll stop by.
Happy Sunday everyone! :-)
Nicole said…
Good morning, friends! I'm busy studying today, all thanks to finals. But can't go without some blogging (obviously). Happy Sunday!
Alex Butts said…
Hi I'm Alex, an au pair living in Germany, but right now I'm back home in Texas for the holidays!
Kasondra said…
Hey! I'm Kas. I recently started a fitness blog that I'm trying to get off the ground!
Hello friends :) I'm Jessica & I blog over at Sweet Green Tangerine. Happy Sunday!
Hi everyone! Happy Comment Love day!
Abby said…
Finally it's Sunday!! I've been waiting for today. hehe.

Come on by & check out my beauty of a blog. ;)
Hailey C said…
Good Morning Lovely People!

Come check me out, here:

Enjoy all the comment love
Katie said…
Good Afternoon!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and a great Sunday.

My blog is about vintage inspiration, crafty d.i.y's and my crafty lifestyle.

S.B. said…
Hi! I'm Sara and I blog at "This = My Experience"

I blog a little about anything that strikes my interest.

Lately I've really been getting into crafting, so I'm on the lookout for some great crafting blogs.

I'm always happy to see new visitors and new comments!

Have a great Comment Love Day!
Ashley said…
Happy Sunday, ladies! I'm getting excited about going to my first ever blogger meet-up in DC today! Any fun plans? Feel free to stop by! xoxo
Ixy said…
Happy comment love day! I blog about everything and anything, and am currently trying to make Christmas mice more successfully than last year (see blog this time last year).

And on Friday my blog turned 1! Happy birthday to Illusion :)
Chelsea said…
Happy wintry sunday to everyone! I'm going to be indoors all afternoon, studying for finals, trying not to procrastinate! Wish me luck!
SweetCaroline said…
The lovely above mentioned that she was studying for finals. GOOD LUCK! but that also reminds me that i'm happy to report that i am DONE with finals and have survived that first half of my freshman year of college. whoooooo!

Caroline :)
Sarah said…
Happy Sunday everyone! I day to relax, rest and read blogs :)

I'm Sarah and I blog at made in usa challenge . Finding American made goods that are safe, ethically made, eco-friendly and awesome. Searching America's largest mall, the web, and local communities.

Follow me as I share sweet finds, uncover intriguing issues, and contend with mall cops.

I am exploring consumerism, without taking myself too seriously. Recently I'm talking about Occupying the Holidays, Gifts that Give Back, the safety of bath and beauty products and successful petitions against child labor! I have weekly giveaways as well.
We love comment love day! Last week we connected with so many inspirational blogs. Can't wait to find more today.

Happy seeing beautiful!
Bunnie said…

my name is Bunnie, New to blogging very excited to get followers and check out amazing blogs. Loving the holidays right now :)
Vivian said…
Hi Everyone!!! My favorite blog hop. Super excited to meet new friends :)
Nali said…
Hi everyone! I blog over at Hope to see you I'm off to visit everyone else :)

xoxo, Nali
Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a blessed weekend! :) My name is Aleksandra, and I'm blogging over at "Little Daily Miracles"... Feel free to visit me and I hope you'll stay a while! :) Can't wait to meet some new awesome bloggers! See you! Love, A.
RaeBeth said…
Hello everyone,

I'm RaeBeth from RaeBeth's Corner. I've been blogging now for about six months and found some pretty amazing bloggers. I'm here with the intention of not only leaving comment love but to make new friends as well. *To the host- Thanks for this great post*
Nora said…
Hi I'm Nora from Two is better than One and I have been a blogger for about a year now almost. I am a marriage, love and life day to day blog. I participate in link ups and write/take pics and post about what's going on in my life. I love to get comments and hear feedback and make new friends. I have lots of networking and connect with me on my blog- please check it out!:)
p.s great post!~ & thank you!
Robyn said…
today i climbed the Ngong hills in nairobi. Am shattered.hope you all had a good sunday.

Kourtney said…
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday! Visit me at The Multi-Faceted Experience!
Vapid Vixen said…
Happy Sunday. Just sharing another post about my lack of people skills and more poor decisions. :)
Alyx said…
Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope your weekends are finishing strong, and you're all staying warm.
Kate said…
Oops, I'm a little bit behind today- I was out Christmas shopping! I'd love for you to stop by my blog, Sketch and Wash! I take pictures and sometimes I post stuff from my sketchbook. See you there!
Mz E said…
hello EVERYone! I hope ALL is ENJOYing their Sunday! *smile* ma blog is a personal photo journey through ma simple. life.
Have a blessed Sunday!


Amanda said…
Hi everyone!

I'm Amanda and I write over at The Beginning of Everything ( I write mostly about life, my boyfriend, my cat, and the city of Los Angeles, where we reside! Come on over, I love getting to know new readers!

Social Lilac said…
Hello y'all.
My Name's Larissa, I'm the gal behind Papa is a Preacher {}
My father's a preacher/missionary, and we travel a lot. That's what I write about. Us, our family, our travels, our moves, our daily happenings and such. Basically all the newsy juicy things of life as a Preacher's kid.
Do come over, I love to chat!
Blessings ~*
Susi said…
Hi people and happy Sunday to all! I'm Susi and I blog at Sinead is me which now is my blog about music, and at Susi-ish that is my brand new blog where I ramble about life.
Jenny said…
Ooo - I love this idea :)

My name is Jenny and I blog over at Life, Love, and Roses... (without those pesky thorns). I am pretty random most times, with love for the color pink, quirky stories in the news or entertainment, University of Kentucky Basketball (I bleed blue), and oh and Harry Potter. :)

Stop by to visit and have a wonderful day!
Amanda C. said…
Hi, I'm Amanda over at Interpreted by Me. I blog about my life which is mostly consumed with Christmas right now. Be sure to stop by and sign up for my Holiday Giving Giveaway. It's for a good cause.
Maggie said…
Happy Sunday! I blog about a little bit of everything at -- currently you'll find posts about life as a senior undergrad student, the shenanigans that go on in the 6th grade classroom in which I student teach, and the hilarious doings of my preschool students.

Enjoy! XXOO
Maggie said…
Happy Sunday! I blog about a little bit of everything at -- currently you'll find posts about life as a senior undergrad student, the shenanigans that go on in the 6th grade classroom in which I student teach, and the hilarious doings of my preschool students.

Enjoy! XXOO

My name is Monique. I'm a recent college graduate living with my parents. I blog about my life and about all kinds of different things.

Come check it out!
thedreambeing said…
Hi there! :)

My name is Jacque and I just graduated college with degrees in Photography and Art History.

A struggling twenty-something, I blog over at about art, photography and my life as a museum intern. i love to inspire and it's so great to meet all of ya'll!
Joyful Sparrow said…
Hi lovelies! I've been a little absent here on For the Love of Blogs for the last little while, but I'm excited to jump back in and visit some new sites! Happy Winter Holidays, everyone.
Rachael said…
Hey Everybody! My name is Rachael and i'm a teenage blogger. I love to take pictures and write about random stuff. Enjoy!
Sarah said…
Hi all! Hope you had a fabulous weekend <3
Candice said…
Happy Weekend, everyone!
I'm a life & style blogger who loves to enjoy life, laugh and wear pretty dresses :) Come on over and say hello!
bailey j said…
oh my soul. comment love day again! almost missed it. :) hope everyone is having a lovely sunday! i've been getting some christmas wrapping done - such a busy time of year. will deff be making time fo royu guys tonight/tomorrow though! happy comment love day to all !. xo

bailey . @ the middle.
Ahka Vintage said…
WOW! Great idea - first timers here to comment love - we are Ahka Vintage - 2 sisters posting about their love of vintage fashion, quirky finds and all other things boring and mundane!
Ahka Vintage Blog
Little late on Comment Love Sunday. :( I'll still participate and check out some blogs anyway!
Heleen said…
Oh how I love Comment Love Sundays. I'm Heleen, almost 22 yrs old, wife to a soldier and mama to a handsom 5 month old baby boy. My blog is about my life in general, but lately mostly my son haha. I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday!
Ruthanne said…
hello hello! I'm Ruthanne from Ruthanne with an E and I blog about everything from sewing to fashion to my love of cowboy boots! come on over and say hello! :)
Jamie Pilgrim said…
Hey hey! It's Jamie from Memoirs of a pilgrim where I blog about all my grand adventures living in Sydney, Australia!

Check it out

Hi my name is Melanie and I have a blog called Keeping up with the Cantelmo's
I blog about her family and what is going on in our life. Mostly right now I blog about trusting God while my husband is out of work. It hasn't been easy but God is good. I my goal is to encourage other women to trust God during hard times.
Katie said…
Hi my name is Katie and I blog over at Lovely Lady. I post about everything whether it's personal stuff and things going on in my life to fashion to pretty pictures to vintage to good music and basically everything you can think of.

I love to meet new people so please stop in and say hello :)
Mock-Turtle said…
I'm Cath.
I blog about photographing my beautiful boy. I'm all about creating interesting and artistic shots.
Visit, if you will...
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